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Аrnold Palmer strain info and genetics

You might be familiar with the famous golfer. You might have heard of the famous drink named after that golfer. But have you heard of the Arnold Palmer marijuana strain, the third part of this incredible trifecta?

If not, prepare to have your taste buds excited and your mind gently opened with a burst of energy. Because like the swing of the man himself, the Arnold Palmer strain is something just a little bit special.

Rewarding users with a smooth, sometimes tingly feeling of energized creativity, Arnold Palmer is a comparatively rare and quite shockingly potent strain. 

The Arnold Palmer strain – sativa or indica?

Technically speaking, the Arnold Palmer strain is a hybrid. But it’s one that’s definitely weighted in favor of the sativa side of its heritage (most estimates put it at 80% sativa).

Its two parents are the Lemon Skunk and Redwood strains which, as you might imagine if you know anything about these strains at all, is a great combination if you’re looking for something that is both energizing and a little calming.

Sativa-dominant hybrids are less common than the indica-dominant variety, but they are known for giving you that hit of energy – especially creative mental energy. Arnold Palmer is no exception.

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The effects of Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer strain’s attributes that set it out in front of the crowd are the combination of its incredible flavor and its energy-enhancing effects.

Whether you are on the lookout for something that will get you ready to get up and go in the morning or pick you up in an afternoon lull, the Arnold Palmer cannabis strain is definitely worth looking into.

The effects it produces tend to stick around too, creating a long-lasting effect that begins with a rush of uplifting happiness, energy, and helpful mental focus.

It’s the perfect choice if you have something you need to do or you’re planning to be outside in the natural world. As any Arnold Palmer strain review should point out though, it’s not so much of a good choice if you’re planning on sitting around while you try to relax.


How strong is the Arnold Palmer strain?

Some important Arnold Palmer strain info to bear in mind is that this can be a very potent experience indeed. Commonly testing anywhere from 17% to 25% in terms of THC level, this strain can be something of an eye-opener even to experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

If Arnold Palmer is going to be an early experience for you, it’s worth taking it slow and possibly considering using a strain-specific Arnold Palmer cartridge in your THC vape pen so you can more strictly regulate how much you’re using at a time.


Arnold Palmer cannabis strain aroma and flavor profile

That’s all the technical bits out of the way. Now let’s get down to the Arnold Palmer marijuana strain info that most of us are really interested in. What kind of flavor and aroma are we talking about here?

First up, if you’re a fan of the drink the “Arnold Palmer”, don’t be expecting this to be an exact match. The thing that both the marijuana strain and the drink do have in common though is that they are both downright delectable.

The clear notes of citrus and pine come through strongly and only seem to get tastier as you inhale Arnold Palmer. Beneath that is the aroma of classic skunky earthiness, with a heavy dose of the terpene Valancene (named after the Valencia oranges that it smells like).

Cannabis connoisseurs and those with a keen nose may also detect a little hint of a herbal nature and a dash of pepper thanks to the presence of noticeably larger quantities of some other key terpenes in its make-up.

All told, Arnold Palmer is a real joy for all the senses and one for the “must get again” lists of most people who try it.

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What does AP strain look like?

The Arnold Palmer OG strain has buds that are a classic tree green covered with the slim orange hair-like growths known as pistils and a thick coating of sugary trichomes. The buds themselves have a slightly lengthened ovoid appearance.


Is Arnold Palmer strain the right one for me?

Uplifting? Energizing? Great for creativity? Perfect for doing things like chores and other daily tasks? Simply amazing flavor?

There’s not much not to like about the Arnold Palmer cannabis strain. Pretty much the only downsides of this strain are it not being so suitable for relaxing with (of course, there are dozens of other strains ideal for this purpose) and the fact that it can be difficult to find.

But if you can find this fast becoming legendary strain, you’re about to hit a hole in one. Because with such a great flavor and aroma and providing such an energizing creative uplift, this daytime strain is one for the record books.

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