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The Aurora Indica strain isn’t always easy to come by. Which is why K.I.N.D.’s Aurora strain has proved such a smash hit. Or possibly “sleeper hit” might be more appropriate, because this strain is famous for the relaxed sleepiness it can induce in its users.

A cross between the famous Northern Lights and Afghan strains, the Aurora strain is heavy and calming. People who struggle to get a good night’s sleep will be huge fans of this particular strain.

You can identify the Aurora weed strain by its medium-large flowers and spicy, woodland-floor scent with a subtle undercurrent of red berries. The flowers themselves are solid green with large numbers of the red and brown threads called pistils.

Most people prefer to consume a powerfully sedative strain like this close to bedtime. Or at least, when they are sure that no activity other than relaxation is going to be required for the foreseeable future. The onset of effects can require several minutes, though a small rush of blood to the face is often noticeable right away. The Aurora cannabis strain is probably not suitable for consumption if you need to undertake tasks requiring any sort of analysis in your immediate future. However, if you are doing something creative, Aurora can be a strong choice to break down any normal blocks.

What Is the Aurora Indica Strain?

The Aurora Indica strain is a breed from Nirvana Seeds, the creators of Bubblicious and Papaya.

The Aurora Indica is made up of the crossover of Northern Lights and Afghan landrace.

Aurora has lots of THC, and it can wash all of your worries away. Be careful since it can give you a significant body high and lock you to your couch after consumption. Always take it in moderation.

Aurora Indica Strain Aroma

The strain has a luxurious and deep scent with a spicy and earthy tone to its scent that has a touch of fruity aroma.

If you inspect the aroma closer, you might sense berry, fruity notes, and additional notes of sap and pine. 

It’s a vibrant strain that can satisfy all of your senses.

Aurora Indica Strain Flavor

The Aurora Indica strain has a fantastic taste with spicy, sweet, and chemical tones that are the base for the pine wood flavors.

Aurora Indica Strain Appearance

The aurora Indica marijuana strain has medium to large conical buds that are compact and dense. 

The leaves curl and have a gorgeous green color with brown and red pistils with crystal-like white trichomes across the flowers.

Aurora Indica Strain Grow Info

The aurora Indica cannabis is a short plant suitable for growing indoors for both ScrOG and SOG methods. The plant has an average height that’s less than 1m, and its flowering period takes 8 weeks.

Outdoor Aurora Indica plants are also impressive when they are in a hot and dry climate which is not complicated to cultivate.

THC Content of the Aurora Indica Strain

Aurora Indica has moderate THC levels in the range of 12 to 20%, which means that it has a low to middle range of THC.

The THC level in the strain is low enough for cannabis newbies to use.

CBD Content of the Aurora Indica Strain

The CBD content of the strain is 0.1% which is too low for any health benefits to be noticeable if you take it.

Medical Benefits of the Aurora Indica Strain

The medical benefits of the Aurora Indica strain concentrate mainly on its psychoactive effects. Many experience a body high with cases of couch-lock. The couch-lock sensation is when your arms and legs feel tired and heavy, and you feel locked to your couch. Other benefits of the strain include:

  • Feelings of Happiness
  • Feelings of Calmness
  • Fighting Insomnia
  • Relieving Pain

Note that the health benefits of the Aurora Indica can vary from one person to the other, so nothing is 100% guaranteed.

Possible Side Effects of the Aurora Indica Strain

Possible side effects of this popular strain can include:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Feelings of Anxiety and Paranoia
  • Couch-Lock
  • Delayed Onset

Note that because of the delayed onset of this specific strain, you can feel the effects kick in a bit later. Therefore, don’t take in too much if you don’t immediately feel any effect.


Is Aurora Indica a good strain?

Yes, the Aurora Indica strain is good since it gives feelings of relaxation, and it’s fantastic for relieving anxiety and pain.

What is Aurora Indica?

The Aurora Indica strain has a 90% Indica crossover between Northern Lights and Afghan. Its effect is sedating and a heavy full-body one.

What is the strongest strain of Indica?

The most substantial Indica strain is Grandmommy Purple. It is 80% Indica with 33% THC levels and has a calming buzz that can last for hours.

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