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Best pain relief strains you can find in Oklahoma: Blue Dream

If you’re looking for the best pain relief strains of cannabis in Oklahoma, there are several stand-out choices to select from:

The Blue Dream strain is going to head-up many lists. But Jack Herer and Northern Lights also have a lot to offer you…

Because you will be looking for effective pain relief, of course. But you might be looking for other beneficial effects too – the ability to take your medicine and still go about your day, for example. Or a sedative effect so you can get right to sleep.

So, which weed strains are best for pain relief? Which one is going to be most suitable for you? Let’s find out:

1) Blue dream strain

Finding Blue Dream in Oklahoma is relatively straightforward. This is great news. Because this strain is one of the top three cannabis strains for pain available. Arguably, it’s the best.

Originating on the West Coast, Blue Dream is a cross-breed of Haze and Blueberry. It has inherited the berry-like aroma of Blueberry but also incorporates something of herbal pine scent with a touch of pepper.

Confusion often arises when people start asking “what strain is Blue Dream?” Because, technically speaking, it is both a sativa and an indica (Haze is a sativa, Blueberry an indica). Though most people would argue the sativa strain traits are easier to see in the effects Blue Dream produces.

This means that – for all it creates a powerfully relaxing effect which encompasses your entire body – most people who swear by the Blue Dream strain say that it also provides a gently energizing sense of euphoria.

Thanks to this combination of effects, you can use it – in moderation until you find the dose which is right for you – during the day with no unwanted side-effects such as sleepiness. This is something which many users choose to do.

Its high THC levels often result in this strain also being recommended for people who suffer from depression and nausea as well as pain.

2) Jack Herer strain

Technically another hybrid, the Jack Herer weed strain was created by crossing Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk and Haze.

Again, the result is a strain which is often said to be more sativa-like in its effects. In Jack Herer’s case, this means it delivers a potent energizing effect in addition to the blissfully calming sense of peace and clear mind which this strain is usually known for.

Although it originated in the Netherlands several decades ago (and was not actually created by the famed marijuana activist who it is named after), these days you can find several phenotypes of Jack Herer in Oklahoma. This is fantastic for people who need a reliable pain relief strain, as Holland’s pharmacies once stocked this as a medical-grade strain – showing the quality and strength of the effects it offers.

Make no mistake, the Jack Herer marijuana strain – with some small differences between individually-cultivated phenotypes – is a powerful one. In fact, this was one of the goals of its original growers. But its very strength means it should be used with care, to begin with, if you are unused to a strain with such potency.

Providing a combination of increased mental energy and activity combined with a happy calm also makes Jack Herer worth trying if you suffer from depression as well as pain. Although this increased activity is not always ideal for anxiety sufferers or when used as a sleep aid.

This numerous award-winning strain is now made the world over, and is often identified by its spicy, peppery scent with an undertone of fruit.

3) Northern Lights strain

The Northern Lights weed strain needs almost no introduction. It is one of the most famous strains of all time, right up there with the real legends in the marijuana industry and community.

It’s easy to see why. The calming, relaxed, sleepy yet gently euphoric sensation it produces is ideal for pain sufferers who want to get to bed rather than get on with their day. This makes it at its very best when used by people with sleeping problems as well as major pain. But it is also tried and loved by many people who have problems with depression and stress.

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is an indica prized for its high resin production capability, for how fast it flowers and for how tough it is while growing. These qualities have made it a go-to strain for many growers trying to create their own hybrids. It has been used as the basis for numerous other now well-known strains, including Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.

Probably named for the sometimes purple-tinged buds it grows, Northern Lights’ peppery, spicy aroma, cut through with an undercurrent of sweet citrus, is a familiar scent to many thousands of cannabis users and medical marijuana patients around the world.

For convenience, many patients acquire Northern Lights live resin and use it to fill a vaporizer cartridge (or buy the cartridges whole) so that they don’t need to mess around with setting up their dab rig before they can get the relief they need.

How to choose the best pain relief strain for you

As with all decisions as to which marijuana strain is most suitable for you, the best pain relief strain will depend on:

  • Your condition – do you suffer from anxiety in addition to pain? This might make the Jack Herer strain an unsuitable choice for you.
  • The effects you want to achieve – do you want to be able to go about your day after taking your medication? If so, you might want to try Blue Dream or Jack Herer as they do not result in a sedative effect
  • Your personal preferences – perhaps you prefer your daily medicine to be berry-scented? Or maybe you want to avoid certain flavors, aromas or effects. Your personal preferences will always have a role to play.

No matter what you think the best pain relief strain in Oklahoma is, always be sure to check the label in your local licensed dispensary so you know that you are getting a high-quality product made from natural, organic cannabis.

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