Blue Dream K.I.N.D. Resin

Many people say it is the perfect combination of the component strains that have gone into its make-up – Blueberry and Haze. The first sensation felt after use is often described as a euphoric rush to the head, altering the senses slightly for a few minutes. After this fades, the lasting following sensation of increased energy and motivation makes this strain eminently suitable for daytime use.

Blue Dream produces a wondrous head-high and sense relaxation and relief that many people seek that particular strin for. Another big advantage of the Blue Dream marijuana strain is its incredibly sweet blueberry flavor. These noticeable taste elements persist long after the final exhale, resulting in a cheerful and invigorating high that any Blue Dream strain review will be sure to mention positively.

What Is the Blue Dream strain?

The Blue Dream is a Sativa hybrid strain that’s a crossover between Haze and Blueberry. It gives you a balanced high, gives body relaxation, and stimulates your mind.

Its THC levels are at 18%, and it has a low CBD percentage. Both experienced users and newbies can benefit from and enjoy this strong strain.

Blue Dream strain Aroma

Blue Dream has a blueberry aroma that feels amazing to your senses. Once you open your container, you will smell a deep scent of berries and fruit. There are also some notes of sweet vanilla and even sweeter mango.

Amongst other strong and pungent aromas, this one is a delight to all users.

Blue Dream strain Flavor

The flavor of Blue Dream is just like the taste; it tastes like blueberries with spicy notes. Spice and fruits go together perfectly; some people might even notice a sour note here and there. All of these add to the rich and delicious taste of the Blue Dream strain.

Blue Dream strain Appearance

The Blue Dream has deep blue or bright green buds with white trichomes and yellow pistils. The color of the plant can range from orange to dark green. It all depends on the type.

Blue Dream strain Grow Info

When growing Blue Dream, you must ensure that the plant gets enough nitrogen during its vegetative stage along with enough phosphorus and potassium. You should also give it magnesium, and it needs lots of water to have a high yield.

The yield increases over time once you learn how to grow it properly. It provides 21 ounces of buds per plant, and if you grow it outdoors, you can harvest it in October.

You can get a yield of 21 ounces per square meter when grown indoors.

THC Content of the Blue Dream strain

The THC content of Blue Dream goes to 21%, and it’s classified as a moderate to high THC cannabis strain. Some versions of it have THC levels that go up to 24%.

CBD Content of the Blue Dream strain

The Blue Dream strain has CBN and CBD levels of up to 1% and 2%, respectively, making it an excellent strain for treating many ailments.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Dream strain

Blue Dream can assist with lots of symptoms for many users. Those that suffer from depression and stress can find it useful. It’s also suitable for MMJ patients for their fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain.

Its energizing effects can be significant for those constantly upset, worried, or exhausted.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Dream strain

Possible side effects of Blue Dream include dry eyes and dry mouth. To battle those symptoms, you should drink lots of water.

Some users even experience paranoia or anxiety, but they usually get anxious after smoking any type of marijuana.

It’s best to know your limits, and if you can’t deal with marijuana, you can just use CBD oil since it has few side effects.


Is Blue Dream an indica or sativa?

Blue Dream has 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, and it’s perfect for those that love a good high that’s powerful and invigorating. 

What is Blue Dream strain good for?

Blue Dream is suitable for those who want a euphoric high for easing muscle spasms, pain, and anxiety.

Does Blue Dream get you high?

Blue Dream gives a happy and powerful high that’s good for just chilling and talking. It can provide you blissful, calm, and euphoric feelings.

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