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Blue Dream marijuana strain insights

As far as marijuana strain names go, Blue Dream is right up there with the best when it comes to doing exactly what it says on the tin…

If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety – what could be called (in a very reductive sense), “feeling blue” – Blue Dream might be your “dream” solution.

This strain of cannabis is known for producing both a calming effect on the mind as well as an energizing effect on the body.

While its effects may differ depending on your body and the particular plant or vape cartridge you have, if these effects sound like your dream come true, read on to find out more.

Here’s all the Blue Dream strain info you could ever need:

What strain is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream cannabis strain was created from a combination of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze stock.

This means that, although it is often thought of as a sativa strain, it is actually a hybrid of sativa (the Super Silver Haze) and indica (the Blueberry).

It originated in California, where many people will recognize it from the listings in their local dispensary.

Blue Dream is usually found in the sativa part of any marijuana menu. This is because it is often said that the sativa part tends to be more dominant in the specific hybrids first created here. But the degree of dominance of either strain in a plant will vary by its ancestry and environment.

This strain is commonly available in both its plant form as well as in vape cartridges, as Blue Dream live resin and in other formats too.

Characteristics of Blue Dream

By smell, Blue Dream is distinctive. The sweet, sugary aroma is really easy to tell apart from many of its contemporaries – with the possible exception of its Blueberry ancestor.

Visually, the Blue Dream cannabis plant itself will usually feature long, visible hairs the color of desert sand. Both these hairs and the generally large number of trichomes (which often appear to be coated in tiny crystals like sugar) can make Blue Dream look lighter in color.

When smoked, Blue Dream vapor is very smooth and sweet. The taste of blueberries, for which Blueberry was named, is still very much present in its descendant.

A combination of indica and sativa effects

The hybrid nature of the Blue Dream weed strain means that users may experience both the relaxing and invigorating effects which the two main species of cannabis (indica and sativa) tend to be known for.

Remember that any Blue Dream you come across may have been created by a different grower. This means that each individual hybrid of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze will have a different genetic makeup and environmental factors which differentiate it from hybrids created by other growers.

This is usually referred to as the strain’s phenotype. The strength and intensity of the effects it creates when ingested will vary depending on many factors, including whether this particular phenotype is:

  • Sativa dominant – this will tend to create the lauded Blue Dream happy euphoria and leave you full of energy.
  • Indica dominant – this will commonly create a relaxing almost-melting sensation and a strong calming effect.

In general, Blue Dream is known for producing both of the above in certain quantities. It is also known to be:

  • Very fast acting – ideal if you often find yourself needing relief in a hurry.
  • Stronger than average – meaning that relatively small quantities can produce a large and noticeable effect. As long as this strength is accounted for, Blue Dream is ideal for both new medical marijuana patients and experienced users alike.
  • Non-sedative – meaning it can be suitable for daytime use.


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The Blue Dream experience

Blue Dream has become the favorite of huge numbers of California-based medical marijuana patients, as well as those further afield.

Being an indica and sativa hybrid, the strain is known for producing a number of effects which most plants which are either one or the other cannot replicate alone.

These will, of course, vary from person to person based on their unique physiology and history. They will also differ in intensity depending on whether the indica or sativa strain is more dominant in any given phenotype.

But the Blue Dream experience is usually said to include effects which are:

  • Cerebral – the instant effect most people experience is a cerebral one. This can provoke both a calming sense of relief, a pleasantly different visual effect, creative thoughts or all of the above.
  • Euphoric – once the initial cerebral effect starts to wear off, an increasing feeling of happy, high energy euphoria follows. Many users say that they feel highly energized and motivated to perform daily tasks. The euphoric effects can be long-lasting and affect your whole body, depending on the particular plant you are in possession of.
  • Relaxing – following the effects of the euphoria, a mellowing phase tends to end the Blue Dream experience. This is likely due to the plant’s indica heritage. This time of mildly euphoric yet comfortable relaxation can make Blue Dream suitable for users seeking a good night’s sleep. But this isn’t usually the purpose most medical marijuana patients recommend it for.

What is Blue Dream good for?

For most people, Blue Dream’s effects are relaxing and free from stress.

However, depending on the user’s experience and tolerances, some people do comment that its effects can be powerful – producing paranoia if taken in anything approaching excess.

For most of the time its effects last for, the euphoria this strain produces is unaccompanied by any feelings of tiredness or sedation. This makes it suitable for daytime use (as long as you are not planning on doing anything like driving).

As always, each person’s experience may vary. But Blue Dream is usually suggested as being good for users who suffer from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Nausea

Using Blue Dream in your vape cartridge

Many people rate Blue Dream above almost any other cannabis strain.

Whether it’s the sweet, sugary taste or the gently mind-bending calm followed by the euphoric energy, the strain is certainly worth trying for medical marijuana users who suffer from pain, anxiety, stress or depression.

Because of its usual above-average strength, two solid inhales from your vaporizer should be more than ample for even the most experienced user.

Getting the best from your medical marijuana

As always, it’s always best to source your medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary where each product will be clearly labeled with strengths and quantities which show you exactly what you are getting.

On the safety side, the Blue Dream cannabis strain is often said to have the ability to get people up and moving – with none of the sedative properties usually ascribed to some marijuana strains.

However, if you’re using Blue Dream during daytime, don’t forget to take the usual care that you will not be called upon to drive, operate heavy machinery or anything else smart users know should not be attempted while under the influence.

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