Can you overdose on THC?

Have you ever wondered if you can actually overdose on THC? What would that feel like, and is it dangerous? Keeping in mind that many people are taking THC, we believe that the answer to the question is pretty important, and we will be discussing it today. 

What is THC?

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical that is responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana. According to NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse), this chemical acts like cannabinoid chemicals that are naturally developed by our bodies. 

In our body, there are cannabinoid receptors concentrated in particular areas of our brain, directly connected to pleasure, thinking, coordination, memory, and perception. When THC attaches to those receptors, it activates them, which affects movement, concentration, memory, pleasure, and other sensors. 

Effects of THC on the organism

What are the effects of THC on the body and mind? People can experience euphoria and relaxation. Furthermore, it may lead to a better mood, more laughter, a strange perception of time, and a higher appetite for sweets.

However, this does not mean that those are the only effects of THC. Some people may feel good, and others may feel bad. The harmful effects that can be experienced by THC are fear, panic, anxiety, and distrust. Some say they experience hallucinations and delusions if too much THC has been taken. The effects can be divided into short-term and long-term.

Short-term effects of THC

The short-term effects of THC are those considered as being ‘high .’They appear 30 minutes to 1 hour after THC has been absorbed by the body and the blood has carried the chemicals to the brain and other body organs. One of those effects can be altered senses – people may feel like the colors are brighter, the surroundings are more beautiful, and the sounds are more transparent. Furthermore, people may feel changes in mood – for most of them, the mood becomes better, and they are laughing and feeling good. However, some people are experiencing bad moods, depression, and anxiety.

In addition, some people can feel difficulty with thinking and problem-solving. THC can potentially make you feel highly relaxed, leading to impaired body movements, memory, and lack of motivation for work, study, etc. Another short-term effect can be hallucination if too high doses are being taken. 

Long-term effects of THC

THC can have a long-term effect on brain development, which is definitely not a good one. If the substance is being taken by younger people, by teenagers, it may harm their memory and learning functions and impair their thinking. Furthermore, a temporary lack of motivation can appear, and this may lead to personal problems and issues.

Even though THC is illegal in most countries, two synthetic formulations are approved by the FDA – Nabilone and Dronabinol. Nabilone is used to treat chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea, and Dronabinol is used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by drugs taken during chemotherapy. Furthermore, it is approved for stimulating appetite in people suffering from anorexia. 

Can you overdose on THC?

Now that we have discussed THC and its effects, we can finally answer the question – can you overdose on THC? The answer is – yes, you can, even though it will not be fatal and lead to death. THC is a psychoactive ingredient, and if a too significant amount of it is taken, it may result in unpleasant experiences, extreme discomfort and other adverse effects, considered as overdosing.

However, it may be difficult to predict the amount of THC that can lead to overdosing. It is believed that every person is different, and the amount that may lead to overdosing is different, too. There are symptoms of a THC overdose, and they can include:

  • Panic and fear
  • Motor impairment, need to lie down
  • Poor cognitive functioning
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Extreme sedation
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucinations, delusions


The treatment of THC overdose can be done either by a doctor in a hospital or at home by just waiting for the effects to pass away with time.

Side effects of taking THC

Even though it may be difficult to overdose with THC, taking it often may lead to side health effects that can be both physical and mental. One of those may be breathing problems – since THC is usually smoked, it may lead to daily coughing and a higher risk of lung infections. Furthermore, THC increases the heart rate up to 3 hours after being taken. This leads to a higher risk of heart attacks and other heart issues.

In addition, if THC is being taken too often, it can result in the development of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, which causes cycles of vomiting, nausea, and dehydration. This may require medical help, especially if it happens too often.

There are mental effects, too, linked to the long-term use of THC. They can lead to hallucinations, paranoia, and even schizophrenia. Many believe this substance may affect a person’s life, resulting in problems in the relationship. Also lower satisfaction with life, depression, anxiety, and poor physical health.

Another possible side effect considered a risk of consuming too much THC can be impaired motor skills. Even though the impact of THC should disappear in several hours, for some people, it may lead to more extended disorder in the movements.

Now you know more about THC and its effects. As we can clearly see, overdosing on THC is difficult and is not seen often. However, the substance may lead to several side effects that are definitely not pleasant. That’s why everybody should be extremely careful about THC, especially in the younger parts of the population. There are many similar and less harmful substances, such as CBD. CBD will not get you high but will change your consciousness. You will feel more comfortable, with less pain in the body, and the anxiety will disappear. 

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