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COVID-19 and Cannabis: some things you should consider

The scale of the COVID-19 global pandemic – often simply referred to as “coronavirus” – means that some simple precautions need to be taken to limit and prevent its spread.

When it comes to COVID-19 and cannabis, smoking, CBD, THC and the medical marijuana industry, many people have specific questions.

We’ve already written about how COVID is affecting us. Now we’re going to answer some more questions about coronavirus and cannabis which seem to keep cropping up:

Can cannabis or CBD cure COVID-19?

Let’s get this one out of the way. No. Absolutely not.

CBD has a lot of hype around it. It can be beneficial for many reasons and for many people. However, there is zero chance that taking CDB or cannabis will cure COVID-19.

How is coronavirus affecting cannabis dispensaries?

The coronavirus and the sensible steps being taken to slow down its spread have dramatically effected the cannabis dispensaries and the industry as a whole:


Marijuana dispensaries have been confirmed as being an important part of the healthcare system in most states, which means they have been able to remain open.

Many of these have experienced people attempting to mass-buy and do other panic-enduced things which have further disturbed their normal operation. Others have instituted curbside pick-up, delivery systems and other methods to serve their customers. Still, others can only provide supplies to non-adults.

420 cancellations

Most 420 events (the 20th of April pro-cannabis celebration, and often protest) were canceled for health and safety reasons. The last thing you want during a public health emergency is a bunch of people standing in close proximity passing things between each others’ lips.

The future

As regards the future, it looks like sensible states are going to be sticking with social distancing and other restrictions for some time to come. However, there may be some limited re-openings of dispensaries and other commerce during May and June.

Sadly, while Congress is debating another business relief fund, none of the funds will be available to cannabis companies or even companies at one remove (companies which trade with cannabis companies).

What should I do be prepared?

All of this means that it’s a good idea to take a couple of steps to prepare yourself for a period of time when medical marijuana might be a bit more difficult to acquire – at least, while keeping yourself safe.

We suggest stocking up on enough medical marijuana to last 30 days. We also suggest carefully considering whether any trip to a physical dispensary is 100% necessary.

Storing any kind of cannabis for 30 days is easy as long as you do it right. Even live resin oil, notorious for how short a time it can last, will last for 30 days if properly cared for. So there’s no need to avoid buying live resin vape cartridges if that’s your preferred way of consuming cannabis. You can get enough live resin for your vape pen to last a month and not have it go to waste.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to store live resin.

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What health and safety measures should I take?

Coronavirus safety measures in general involve:

  1. Social distancing – you should be pretty used to this by now. Imagine there’s a bubble with a radius of about 6 feet around yourself. Try not to let anyone into that bubble. Stay at home as much as you can. Work from home if you can. If you’re in an at-risk category, take particular care. If you’re not, consider offering to help out people in your community who are.
  2. Wash your hands – soap breaks down the structure of this new novel coronavirus. You’re not just washing your hands clean of it, you’re killing any virus on your hands every time you wash them.

When it comes to COVID-19 and cannabis, in particular, passing around or sharing when smoking is definitely out right now. Many people enjoy this social side of smoking marijuana, but it’s a really easy way to increase the spread.

However, some of the health problems which COVID-19 is causing aren’t directly related to the virus itself. These are things like stress and mental health, which marijuana can actually be helpful for…

Is it safe to consume cannabis right now?

Broadly speaking, yes it’s safe to take your regular medical marijuana dose right now.

In fact, for many of the non-direct COVID-19-related problems, cannabis might be all the more useful:

  • Stress and anxiety – a global pandemic – and the way it is constantly on the news, blasted into our ears 24/7 and the changes it has made to all of our lives – can lead to significantly increased levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Insomnia – is another major concern. Social distancing and stay at home measures have meant people may be getting less exercise than normal and be worrying about their situation rather than being able to get to sleep

Many people are choosing to switch up the way they consume cannabis because of coronavirus. Things like live resin carts come ready-sealed. If you don’t like the robust natural taste of live resin, K.I.N.D. also has our Sweet Karts, which come in a range of fruity flavors.

Where to buy cannabis during COVID-19

Again, most states have again recognized that marijuana dispensaries play a vital role in healthcare and have designated them as being one of the business types which have been allowed to remain open during the time of COVID-19.

But if you are finding it difficult to get your usual medical marijuana order, buy the live resin you put in your pen or generally find a dispensary with what you need, we’ve got you covered.

For K.I.N.D. products like live resin cartridges and Sweet Karts, check out this handy store locator. To make sure you stay safe while you get what you need:

  1. Order online.
  2. Opt for curbside pickup or delivery.
  3. Remember to keep everyone outside of your six-foot social distancing bubble if you need to go out and even when interacting with delivery people.
  4. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Stay safe out there!

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