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Durban poison strain genetics and info

Calling something the “Durban Poison” weed strain sounds a little threatening. But if you’ve never tried out this sweet-smelling, potent, energizing strain of cannabis, don’t let the name put you off.

Because this incredible cultivar has become famous for more than one reason. That almost unique smell and taste – reminiscent of licorice according to many – pairs with a clear-headed, energy-enhancing effect that leaves many users swearing by this strain for daytime use.

The end result is that while some strains of cannabis can be likened to drinking a long, warm, relaxing cup of tea, the Durban Poison marijuana strain is very much a shot of espresso you can take on the go.

What strain is Durban Poison?

Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain. Sativas are generally known for producing a more lively high than the couch-lock type effects that some indicas can produce.

Make no mistake, for all the fact it lets its users focus on mundane activities and reach new creative heights while offering a sweet, delectable taste, Durban Poison is a potent and powerful strain. Regularly testing at approaching 25% THC content, it’s well worth easing into your first encounter with this legendary strain.

Durban poison strain – genetics and origins

Durban is the name of a port city in South Africa. Cannabis has been grown in Africa for well over half a millennia. But the Durban Poison strain was actually first stabilized in the US in the 1970s, where growers Rosenthal and Frank bred seeds acquired from South Africa into a high-resin, fast-flowering strain.

Rosenthal and Frank created two phenotypes of Durban Poison (originally simply called “A” and “B”), with the latter later being sent to the Netherlands to be further improved.

What does Durban Poison look like?

Durban Poison has a classic cannabis appearance with green leaves that contrast with the bright orange hair-like structures called “pistils”. The strain does tend to have noticeably larger buds with the longer shape that many sativas own.

Another noticeable feature is the stickiness of the plant to the touch. Heavy in trichomes, you can see almost a sheen on the surface in some lights that make it seem as if the plant is coated in ice.

African desert

Durban Poison flavor and aroma

Any Durban Poison strain information is sure to come with reviews that rave about the flavor and aroma of this type of cannabis.

While the aroma of the plant is strongly “skunky” when the buds are broken open – dank and almost wet like a forest floor – take a few good inhalations and you will be rewarded with threads of that sugary, licorice-like smell.

Those threads are even more noticeable in the flavor of this strain. When you exhale the characteristically thick smoke, you get a strong piney, sugary licorice taste.

Durban Poison – the effects and experience

The other highly noteworthy thing that any Durban Poison strain info should focus on is the remarkable effects of this strain on the user.

If you are searching for a strain for daytime use, you have almost certainly found one worth trying here. There is no couch-lock effect. In fact, the vast majority of users experience an immediate-onset bright and enlivening cerebral effect.

This is an energizing and mood-uplifting strain that can create a euphoric emotional sense in its users. Most people recommend it for daytime use, creative activities, enjoying artistic works like music and movies, or lending focus to mundane or repetitive activities. It can also help people who struggle to focus because of other issues or who get easily distracted by other thoughts.

At K.I.N.D. Concentrates, we also find that Durban Poison is one of the most popular strains of Nectar Carts we sell in Oklahoma (these are high-purity, strain-specific plug-and-play vape cartridges) to people intending on taking their vape with them to explore the outdoors.

You will also find many others who recommend this strain for use in social situations, as it promotes a happy, conversational mood.

Durban poison – is it the right strain for me?

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It’s worth emphasizing that Durban Poison’s name isn’t just there for the dark glamour. This is a powerful and potent strain of cannabis. The plant itself often tests at a 25% THC level. That’s very high indeed. Cannabis concentrates like a K.I.N.D. premium Nectar vape cartridge loaded with Durban Poison can test as high as 80% or more.

This means it’s always a good idea to test the effects of small quantities of Durban Poison to make sure it’s the right strain for you. One noted side-effect of the strain is that because it produces such a potent cerebral effect, it can lead to over-stimulation if you are already feeling a little on edge.

In the same way that you probably wouldn’t want to drink a double espresso when you were already feeling a little antsy, you probably want to hold off on loading that Durban Poison Nectar THC vape cartridge into your vaporizer or plant material of this strain into your next joint.

But if you’re looking for a powerfully uplifting even euphoric effect that will leave you clear-headed and ready to go out and tick off all those chores on your to-do list today – and you also like the taste of sugary licorice – the Durban Poison strain is one you definitely want to be looking into.

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