Durban Poison - an energiser and uplifter

The earthy, sweet pine aroma of the Durban Poison strain is a telltale sign of this energetic, uplifting type of cannabis. Named after Durban, a port city and the second-largest in South Africa, the Durban Poison weed strain is one of Africa’s best-known exports to the wider cannabis-using world. This is a pure sativa strain known for the way it keeps its users enervated and lively.

There is no sitting on the sofa for fans of the Durban Poison strain. Instead, you’ll be inspired to get out there and do. Some people like to use this strain when they need to have a productive day or be creative. Others like to take it into the natural world when hiking or camping, making it the perfect fit for disposable vape pens.

The experience features an initial sharpening of colors and sounds that gently fades towards an energetic “head high” that can be great in social situations. This is definitely a strain that’s better used during the day. In fact, the Durban Poison marijuana strain is often likened to caffeine – even down to the fact that taking too much can make you a little jittery in the wrong circumstances! An important bit of Durban Poison strain info related to this is that it contains very little CBD, meaning there is little in its makeup to take the edge off.
The Durban Poison strain’s genetics lead to it having oversized resin glands. This makes it a particular favorite with concentrate manufacturers – just as its qualities when smoked or vaped make it a firm favorite with a huge section of the cannabis community.

If you are looking for a clear, uplifting, cerebral effect in your cannabis experience, the Durban Poison strain’s potent effects might make it the one for you. It’s one to be treated with care by beginners.

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