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Live Resin

Q: What exactly is live resin?
A: Live resin is a high-quality concentrated form of medical cannabis oil that gives users a clean, potent, and even more flavorful experience than other medical marijuana concentrates. Live resin has its own unique texture with a gooey, honey-like consistency and has a bright golden color.
Q: Why is it called live resin? Is it alive?
A: Thankfully, no! Live resin gets its name from the creation process, where fresh cut flower is flash frozen and processed in its most “alive” form. Because of this process, live resin has a robust flavor unlike other concentrates.
Q: Why should I use live resin?
A: For those who use medical marijuana, live resin provides immediate relief for a variety of medical needs. In addition to its potency because of its high concentrations of live ingredients, research has shown that the more terpenes (chemicals that increase flavor and aroma) increase the effects of THC and CBD.
Q: Does live resin have more THC than other concentrates?
A: Yes and no – it depends on the strain used to create the concentrate. That said, higher amounts of terpenes have been shown to increase the effects of THC and CBD, so we’ll let the science speak for itself.
Q: How do I use live resin?
A: K.I.N.D. Concentrate’s Live Resin is available in cartridges for vaping or syringe for dabbing.
Q: Do you use butane to create Live Resin? I’ve heard it’s dangerous.
A: No. K.I.N.D. Concentrates are NOT produced using butanes. We use a variety of hydrocarbons and different fluorocarbons, CO2 mostly. Safety is our top priority.

Clear Concentrates

Q: Do you use butane to make your products? I heard that stuff is dangerous.
A: There’s no butane here! At K.I.N.D. Concentrates, we use CO2 and other fluorocarbons to extract the medicine from plants. We are committed to producing only the highest quality, and we achieve that by utilizing the safest and most advanced extraction methods available.
Q: How do I use Clear Concentrates?
A: Clear Concentrates are very versatile. Medical cannabis concentrates can be used for dabbing and vaping and can even be applied directly to medical marijuana prior to smoking.
Q: What’s the difference between Clear Concentrates and Live Resin?
A: Live Resin is the highest concentration of the medical cannabis plant, and has more terpenes (flavor, aroma) than your typical concentrate. Because of this higher terpene profile, Live Resin tends to be the preferred choice of cannaseurs seeking a robust, rich flavor experience.
Q: Are concentrates better than flower?
A: It really depends on the needs of each patient. For instance, if you want to medicate while minimizing a high, concentrates would likely be a better option for you. If concentrates intrigue you, we recommend giving it a try in small doses to see if it works best for you.


Q: Are your solid concentrates made with butane?
A: Absolutely not. We primarily use CO2 or other fluorocarbons to create our concentrates.
Q: Are solids a good option for me?
A: Kaps are a great option for medical marijuana patients in Arizona that cannot smoke or ingest edibles due to medical or personal issues. Additionally, they’re an incredibly discreet way to medicate, and can be taken at any time without interruption to your day.

K.I.N.D. Kaps

Q: Why should I try Kaps?
A: Kaps are a great option for medical marijuana patients in Arizona that cannot smoke or ingest edibles due to medical or personal issues. Additionally, they’re an incredibly discreet way to medicate, and can be taken at any time without interruption to your day.
Q: How are Kaps made?
A: Kaps are made by suspending concentrated THC and/or CBD from medical marijuana in coconut oil. The mixture is then placed in 100% plant-based, vegan capsules ready for consumption.


Q: Isn’t Nectar the same as Live Resin?
A: Nectar and Live Resin, while similar, are two different products that have high terpene levels. Nectar is made by using a steam distilled nug run process (whole flower), while Live Resin’s frozen process is made with hash oil. Nectar’s end result is a clean, intense flavor, while Live Resin’s flavor is more robust.
Q: Is Nectar made using butane?
A: 100% not! There’s no butane in our concentrates game.

Rick Simpson Oil

Q: How is Rick Simpson Oil made?

A: Rick Simpson Oil is made by grinding up pure organic flower and placing it in an alcohol solvent to extract the cannabinoids. The mixture is washed twice with the solvent, and the alcohol is cooked out of the mixture at a low temperature for a substantial amount of time. This process of soaking the medical cannabis draws the therapeutic compounds out of the plant, leaving a tar-like liquid after the solvent fully evaporates.

Q: Who on Earth is Rick Simpson?

A: Rick Simpson is a Canadian engineer who, in 2003, began cultivating and harvesting cannabis to create his own form of concentrated cannabis, also known as Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is an evangelist for the positive effects of this concentrate, and claims that it cured his skin cancer, although this claim has not been corroborated by formal medical research.

Q: Is Rick Simpson Oil made with butane?

A: Nope! At K.I.N.D. Concentrates, we never use butane to create our medical marijuana concentrates. Safety first!

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