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Gelato strain info

Not just the name of a delicious Italian ice dessert, Gelato is also a famous weed strain. Much like its namesake, the Gelato marijuana strain is very sweet on the taste buds. And while the dessert packs a lot of sugar, Gelato weed packs a real punch in the strength and potency department.

It’s this combination of sweet, wonderful taste and incredible potency – not to mention a great balance of effects that keeps you lively throughout your Gelato experience – that keeps fans coming back for more. And more and more…
Here’s everything you need to know about what separates the Gelato cannabis strain from the rest of the field:

What strain is Gelato weed?

Gelato is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It’s usually calculated to be around 44% sativa and 56% indica, though there are several different phenotypes of this famous strain. Most of these were released by the strain’s creators – Cookie Fam Genetics in San Francisco – who made them by combining the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains.

After a bit of experimentation, phenotype number 33 became the creators’ favorite. This phenotype is sometimes called “Larry Bird” after the basketballer sometimes called Larry Legend, reputedly one of the best players of all time. Yet that’s not the only strain of Gelato you’ll find on the market.

That 44-56 split means Gelato #33 is a pretty well balanced hybrid. It brings in the best qualities of both indicas and sativas to create a strain that has something of the calming effects of an indica. Yet, despite the slight weighting of genetics, most Gelato strain reviews will tell you that the effects of this tasty sweet strain are powerfully energy-boosting, creative, and energizing.

gelato ice-cream

What is the best Gelato strain?

The experimentation process that Cookie Fam Genetics went through to achieve the famous and probably still best-known Gelato 33 (a.k.a. Larry Bird) also created a number of other phenotypes that have become popular.

Those experiments didn’t stop when they reached Larry Legend status either. Other phenotypes of Gelato, including Gelato 42 – also known as the Gelato OG strain or “Gelato.OG” – are very widespread in their usage.

Known for their great qualities, you’ll find that almost every phenotype of Gelato (3, 41 and 45 are also pretty famous) is universally well-regarded. Especially if you like your cannabis experience to come with a little bit of a sweeter taste.

Questions of which strain is “best” is very much a matter of personal taste and preference.


How can you tell if weed is Gelato?

As well as having a fantastic sweet taste, the Gelato cannabis plant is also rather attractive to the eye. Visually, this strain’s sugar leaves are a lovely melange of green, deep purple, orange, and reds with red-tinged fiery or dirty gold curling leaves (known as pistils) threading through and highlighting the mix.

Unlike many high-THC strains of cannabis – and that Gelato certainly is – you won’t see the buds or sugar leaves of this plant absolutely shining with trichomes. Yet a little of this effect is certainly noticeable.


Gelato marijuana: taste and flavor profile

The Gelato strain has an almost unique and – for most users – enticing taste. It retains something of the smooth woodsiness of most classic cannabis. But the initial earthy, lavender notes soon turn to a sweeter strawberry crossed with citrus. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, Gelato is something you absolutely have to try.

This one-of-a-kind mix of flavors is largely responsible for this strain’s popularity. You won’t find many people who don’t like it!

The aroma of Gelato is also remarkable and easily distinguishable from most other cannabis strains. That sweet orangey-citrus-berry edge is very noticeable on the exhale, resulting in clouds of white, sweet-smelling smoke (or vapor if you’ve got a Gelato weed cart loaded into your vape).

The fact that this aroma is so noticeable is perhaps the only downside of Gelato. It’s one that most considerate users will want to use in public with care.


What are the effects of Gelato cannabis?

Some important Gelato strain info to be aware of that’s only really been mentioned in passing so far is the truly impressive potency of this strain of marijuana.

Gelato’s THC content regularly tests at well over 18% at the lowest. It’s much more common for it to clock in at 23% or even 26%. That’s a hefty level. Even experienced users will usually find that they don’t need much Gelato to get the job done! If you’re comparatively inexperienced or just trying out this potent strain, you’ll find that this potency makes it very cost-effective.

But you’ll also note that this isn’t a potency that results in any kind of inability to act or get off the sofa. Instead, Gelato’s effects are uplifting and euphoric. It’s often remarked how unusual it is for an indica-dominant strain to create this kind of relaxed yet definitely happy, “up”, and creatively active effect. Usually, this is much more the province of sativa-dominant strains.

You’ll find many people who’ve tried Gelato before recommend it as something you’ll want to roll up or snap into your vape before social events or times when you want to be creative or productive.


Where to buy Gelato weed

Gelato’s popularity means it can actually be quite hard to come across in the US. As always, it pays to be sure that you’re getting what you pay for.

The first thing you’ll want to do is research the manufacturer and check the label. If you were buying something from the world of K.I.N.D., you’d see here that it was made from All-American cannabis grown in US soil using natural, organic farming techniques. You’d also see it was extracted from the plant using a proprietary process that ensures no contaminants are left behind. Not everything you will find on the market will be the same.

If you can find it though, the Gelato marijuana strain is a special experience. If you haven’t tried it before, it might just be time to treat yourself to something sweet.

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