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Girl scout cookies strain info

Like its tasty sweet namesakes, the Girl Scout Cookies weed strain is delicious. In fact, it’s so good, it keeps running out.

Since it first came on the market in California a few years ago, it has become hugely popular. Because it’s not generally seen as a strain of marijuana that’s very easy to grow, this means growers need to work hard to keep the world supplied.

But the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is popular for a number of reasons. It’s sweet. It’s a little bit minty. It’s got a great aroma. All of these are just some of the qualities that have let it win numerous cannabis awards – including the famous Cannabis Cup. There’s also its incredible strength and potency.

A truly high-quality strain, GSC – as it’s sometimes written – is in big demand. If you’re looking for something that gives you a sense of deeply relaxing creativity as well as euphoria, the Girl Scout Cookies strain might be the one for you.


What are Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies is the name of a famous strain of cannabis, best known for its potency and sweet, earthy, minty aroma.

GSC weed is powerful. A crossbreed of the highly popular OG Kush and Durban Poison strains, its potency and great taste are perhaps to be expected. Yet they’re so notable that you’ll see this strain in high demand everywhere you go.

You’ll sometimes see it listed as Berner Cookies or Berner’s Cookies (after Gilbert “Berner” Millam Jr, the cannabis grower who first created the strain with his so-called “Cookie Fam”). You can also find spin-offs and variants of GSC with names like Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

But it’s the original Girl Scout Cookies, with its remarkable strength and taste, that remains the stand-out favorite with most people who try it.


How can you tell Girl Scout Cookies from other strains?

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is pretty distinctive. Its earthy aroma – the classic scent of skunk – that also has a tinge of mint has already been mentioned.

Visually, GSC is also quite attractive. Its leaves are dark purple with bright orange hairs and the calyxes are bright green and very easy to spot.

The flavor is perhaps its most famous aspect though. It’s sweet and sugary, just like its namesake, with that classic earthy undertone.

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What strain is Girl Scout Cookies?

No Girl Scout Cookies Strain review would be complete without answering the question “what strain is GSC?”

This is important for all sorts of reasons. Not least, it gives you some basic expectations of the effects you’ll experience when you use this strain.

In short, GSC is a hybrid. It’s slightly weighted towards being an indica (around 60%) with around 40% of its makeup generally being attributed to cannabis sativa. The sativa part comes mainly from the OG Kush portion of its parentage, as this well-known strain is a potent hybrid. Its other parent, Durban Poison, is an infamous indica.

So, is the Girl Scout Cookies strain sativa or indica? Technically, it’s mix of both. It’s a mix that’s very potent too. GSC regularly tests at well over 17% (sometimes as high as 28%) THC. That’s high. Very high. It’s also low in CBD, often testing around 0.1-0.2% though reaching 1% in some strains.


What are Girl Scout Cookies' effects?

This kind of GSC strain info only gets you so far. What most people are really interested in is the effects that Girl Scout Cookies has on you.

Well, in short, most people find a lot to like here. Thanks to its hybrid nature, GSC is a pretty well-balanced strain. Most people tend to feel uplifted, even euphoric, and happy. Yet the experience is also a relaxing, full-body one that, in terms of its cerebral effects, doesn’t leave you feeling anything other than creative and thoughtful.

Make no mistake though, GSC is pretty strong. There will likely be times when even experienced cannabis connoisseurs are brought to a powerful full-body relaxation level that makes moving about unappealing. It’s not uncommon for the experience to come in euphoric, giggling peaks and relaxing, thoughtful troughs.

This also means that this isn’t a strain that most people would recommend for daytime use. It’s very much an evening treat.

The effects of Girl Scout Cookies are also noticeably long-lasting, often for several hours. This means that even the higher price point an incredibly high-quality strain like this commands often provides great value for money. Because a little GSC can go a long way.

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Does GSC have any side effects?

The generally experienced “ride” of GSC, with thoughtful periods interspersed between happy, giggling highs is an experience that suits many people. However, it has been pointed out that during those thoughtful often creativity-tinged interludes, the potency of GSC means it can be difficult to actually get things done!

But the actual side-effects of GSC are usually reported to be very mild indeed. Dry mouth (often called “cotton mouth”) is commonly reported, necessitating good hydration practices.


Buying Girl Scout Cookies

As always when choosing where to buy Girl Scout Cookies, online or otherwise, it’s good practice to check the label and find out where this particular strain was grown.

Everything in the world of K.I.N.D. comes from All-American cannabis plants grown using natural, organic techniques. Any cannabis concentrates are extracted from the plant using a proprietary process that leaves no solvents or other unwanted parts behind. But not every product on the market can say the same.

All in all, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is an exciting, potent, and sweetly tasty addition to anyone’s collection and well worth trying if you’re in search of a strain that offers a great balance between relaxation, euphoria, and creativity.

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