How is THC Wax Made?

Oct 14, 2017 | Fun CBD Facts, Marijuana Products

Image of medical marijuana wax

THC wax has many medicinal properties that can treat chronic pain, sleep disorders, and several other medical conditions. Compared to flower which has THC levels of 15-30 percent, concentrated wax can be as potent as 80 percent THC. The process of making wax can be very dangerous, and it’s highly recommended that it is purchased at a dispensary for the safety of the consumer.

The process starts by grinding and packing the marijuana in an extractor. Next, a solvent is used and poured into the extractor. This can be a hazardous step the solvent can ignite and cause an explosion so it’s very critical that it is done outside where any flammable gas cannot settle. The next step is to evaporate the solvent by placing the extractor in a pyrex dish with warm water until the wax stops bubbling. This step is crucial because it’s imperative that all of the solvents are evaporated to make the wax as pure as possible. The wax now should be somewhat of a solid but not a finished product. Finally, a vacuum is needed to pump away any remaining air and excess solvent from the cannabis wax. It can’t be stressed enough that this method should only be done by professionals in a safe working environment.

A new method called the Rosin-Tech is also gaining popularity and is much safer and easier because it is solventless meaning no butane is used. This method works by taking marijuana buds and putting it in between parchment paper and pressing down for 3 seconds using a flat iron. A small resin stain is made from the bud and is extracted from the paper. This solvent-free process is much simpler and safer than the traditional way. The Rosin-Technique can yield quality resin that can be just as potent as butane extracted wax.

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