Jack Herer K.I.N.D. Resin

The Jack Herer weed strain was named after a famous cannabis activist who worked for the cause of marijuana legalization several decades ago and has won multiple awards – nine Cannabis Cups alone – because of its exceptional qualities and potency. It is a mix of the ever-popular Northern Lights, a Haze hybrid and a Shiva Skunk cross.

If you use a K.I.N.D. product of the Jack Herer marijuana strain, you will instantly notice a strong, invigorating headrush. This energizing effect is relaxing but by no means debilitating, hence the insistence of Jack devotees that their favorite strain is ideal for morning and daytime use.

After using Jack Herer, you may find yourself being more talkative than normal and generally stimulated, particularly when working on creative activities. You wouldn’t want to use this strain if getting a good night’s sleep was your goal.

What Is the Jack Herer strain?

The Jack Herer cannabis strain was developed in 1990 in the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds, and it’s a fantastic blend. The blend consists of strains like Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. They make it a 55% Sativa and 45% Indica strain, which offer many good benefits combined.

Thanks to its Indica and Sativa genetics, the weed offers fantastic therapeutic benefits for many users.

Jack Herer strain Aroma

The strain’s distinct aroma reminds you of a damp earth and takes you to an old and ancient forest. You can truly experience your connection with Mother Nature with its woody and piney hints that come through its dense scent.

Jack Herer strain Flavor

Jack Herer is the strain for you if you want your tastebuds to experience a pleasing taste. You can sense some herbal flavors like green tea, and combined with its calming effects, you will enjoy the experience to the max.

Jack Herer strain Appearance

Jack Herer has sagey green sugar leaves with orange pistils coming out of the green to create a beautiful contrast. Its water leaves are forest green which adds to its beauty.

Jack Herer strain Grow Info

The Jack Herer strain is very easy to cultivate and suitable for beginners. You must always have enough space as the strain can grow about 2 meters in height.

The plant has resistance to powdery mildew, pests, mold, bugs, and other issues it might face. This makes it quite low-maintenance, which is perfect for new growers.

You can grow it both outdoors and indoors but keep in mind that when growing outdoors, it might have a sunny, dry, and warm climate.

Indoors the strain can have a yield of 18 ounces per meter squared. Outdoors Jack Herer has a yield of 18 ounces per plant, and you can harvest in early October.

The flowering period takes around 7 to 10 weeks which is pretty quirk for a cannabis strain.

THC Content of the Jack Herer strain

The THC content of Jack Herer is between 15 and 24 percent, which is high, and newbies must be aware of their limits when smoking.

CBD Content of the Jack Herer strain

The CBD content of Jack Herer is less than 1% which is pretty low to feel any effects. 

Medical Benefits of the Jack Herer strain

The medical benefits of the Jack Herer strain are a massive range, and most of them are focused on psychological disorders. It is well-known for handling ADHD, PTSD, chronic stress, and anxiety.

The strain brings back your awareness and focuses while boosting your appetite, calming your stomach, and numbing any pain.

You must take big doses of the strain if you want to handle nausea, pain, migraines, and loss of appetite. For more significant doses, you can opt in for edibles, candies, and concentrates.

If treating your anxiety with Jack Herer, you should be careful of the doses since high ones can increase it.

Possible Side Effects of the Jack Herer strain

The most common side effects after consuming the Jack Herer strain are dry eyes and dry mouth. You can solve this issue by hydrating well before and during your high. You can also buy some eyedrops whenever you want to smoke.

Some users experience anxiety, and those are usually people with THC-induced anxiety and paranoia. If you ever start panicking during your high, close your eyes and remind yourself that it will pass. You will ground yourself and face reality easier.


Is Jack Herer a good strain for beginners?

Jack Herer is good for beginners since it makes individuals sociable, creative, and happy. And its side effects don’t include as much paranoia or anxiety.

Is Jack Herer sativa dominant?

Jack Herer is Sativa-dominant since it’s a cross between the Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze strains.

Is Jack Herer strain good for anxiety?

The strain is effective when it comes to anxiety since it makes you happy and eases tension and stress.

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