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Jack Herer strain genetics, origins and info

Jack Herer was a legendary cannabis activist. The Jack Herer cannabis strain – named in the great man’s honor – has rapidly become something of a legend itself. 

First created in the 1990s, it has since won nine Cannabis Cup Awards. This is because not only is it potent. Not only does it have a very special, one-of-a-kind flavor. It also creates an incredible combination of relaxation and alert, stimulated, engagement. This means the uplifting Herer strain is great in all kinds of situations.

All in all, any Jack Herer strain review is bound to be a positive one. Here’s everything you need to know about this unique, powerful, and attractive cannabis strain: 

What strain is Jack Herer?

The Jack Herer strain’s genetics come from both sativa and indica stock. Most people will tell you that the strain is a hybrid, though there are some few who say its 55% sativa weighting actually make it a sativa.

A big point in favor of the Jack Herer weed stain being a full hybrid is the fact that most avid users will notice effects from both sides of its heritage after only a little use. It has both the relaxation-enhancing effects of many indicas and the often more energizing mental component of some sativas.

The JH strain was created in the 1990s in the Netherlands by well-known growers Sensei Seeds. It was potent enough that it was soon a staple on the shelves of many Dutch pharmacies as a medical-grade strain. It has since gone on to become one of the most-sought after and popular strains of cannabis in the world. That’s because the potency and effects the Jack Herer cannabis strain offers are exactly what a huge range of people are looking for.

The Jack Herer strain – flavor and aroma

The aroma of Jack Herer cannabis makes most people think of an old forest floor, earthy and moist and covered in pine needles. Combining with both the classic dank aroma of its Shiva Skunk ancestor and a definite note of citrus that becomes dominant when it comes to flavor, the smell of Jack Herer is a truly tempting one.

The flavor definitely has more of that citrus flare, with both lemon and orange strands being noticeable through a piney, earthy background that also has a little sweetness to it. You can notice that sweet citrus before smoking too – all you need to do is pull Jack’s characteristically dense buds apart.

For anyone who doesn’t like the dank after-scent of skunk though, Jack Herer has an additional gift in store. Even when burning, this strain smells – for want of a better word – clean, almost herbal. The after-scent is more reminiscent of something like incense than a smoking session.

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Jack Herer – appearance

Visually, you can sometimes tell the Jack Herer marijuana strain apart from others by its paler green sugar leaves and the bright orange pistils (resembling hairs in appearance) that run through and stand out in stark contrast to the green leaves.

But in truth, it’s a fairly classic look. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this strain’s physical appearance is its stickiness to the touch thanks to its impressive trichome levels.

What kind of effects does Jack Herer produce?

You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s the uniquely compelling flavor and aroma alone that make the Jack Herer strain such as enduringly popular choice among connoisseurs and award panel judges alike. But it’s actually probably the effects that make this strain stand out more than anything else.

Jack Herer the activist was known for being alert and active in his promotion of the beneficial effects of marijuana. Whether deliberately or not on the part of its creators, this strain creates something of a similar effect on those who indulge in it a little.

The effects of Jack Herer weed are uplifting. It’s an ideal strain for daytime use, with many users pointing to it being a great tool to help them focus as well as being a genuine benefit in social situations.

On the other side of the hybrid coin, Jack Herer is also known to provide a deeply relaxing effect. This is a huge bonus by comparison with other similarly energizing strains that can create an uncomfortable buzz a little bit like too much caffeine for some people. There’s none of that with good old Jack though.

Jack Herer genetics – origins and descendants

The exact combination of strains that Sensei Seeds used to create their prize product is a gaping hole in any Jack Herer strain info as this remains very much a secret. Some experimentation has shown though that the strain’s parents are likely to be Haze and a Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5 cross.

As well as the generally incredibly well-received effects, aroma, and flavor profile, this combination has created a strain of weed that is relatively easy to grow even for a beginner, grows relatively fast, and has an above-average yield.

This has led to the JH strain becoming a popular “parent” itself, with numerous other strains – Jack the Ripper, Jack’s Cleaner, and Jack Skellington highly placed among them – created from this now-legendary forebear.

Sensei Seeds now recognizes four different phenotypes of Jack Herer. Two of these are predominantly sativa and two are slightly weighted towards indica. There are also several other “unofficial” phenotypes on the market, each of which has slightly different features to the original. 

How potent is Jack Herer weed?

Most Jack Herer cannabis tests at around 18-24% in terms of THC levels, with most resting at the higher end of that spectrum. 

Needless to say, this is a potent strain indeed. Newcomers and even seasoned marijuana users should be restrained in their first encounter with “The Jack”.

Is Jack Herer the right strain for me?

The fame of the Jack Herer strain – also known as “Platinum Jack” and “Premium Jack” – means it is more widely available than ever before. But that very popularity has led to a broadening of the varieties of The Jack on the market. This means it’s always worthwhile checking the origins of any cannabis you buy that’s labeled “Jack Herer”. 

You can get Platinum Jack in plant form or in a specific plug-in-and-go Jack Herer cartridge strain for your vape (this latter is often a good idea if you want to try JH out for the first time, or for use at parties and in the other social situations that Jack Herer cannabis is ideal for). 

If you’re looking for a strain that’s potent, that lets you be alert, creative, and social while also being deeply relaxed and also has a wonderfully fresh and unique flavor, the Jack Herer strain might be the right one for you.

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