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K.I.N.D.’s Local Cannabis Growers in Oklahoma

K.I.N.D. Concentrates is a local Arizona based company. When we sell our products in our home state, they’re made by local people, for local people.

It only follows then that when we grow and sell elsewhere, it’s not our local cannabis growers in Arizona that we turn to…

Instead, all of the products we grow and sell in Oklahoma are made, sold and marketed by local people.

That’s just common sense to us. It’s not really much of a talking point.

The really big news is the great range of Oklahoma-grown versions of our most popular strains of live resin and other cannabis concentrates which we’ll be bringing to the Oklahoma market!

Grown, distributed and marketed by local people

All of the high-quality cannabis products we sell in Oklahoma are grown, distributed and marketed by local people:

  • Growing: our plants are grown in-state by local marijuana growers using K.I.N.D.’s usual organic, natural practices.
  • Distribution: all of the distribution of our products is handled by local people.
  • Marketing: even from the business side of things, localizing your products for your new market makes sense. That’s why all the marketing of our products in Oklahoma is done by local people too.

Why are local people the best choice?

Local people always strive the hardest to provide other local people with the best quality products.

They have the processes and growing practices we’ve spent years developing back home in Arizona to count on, of course. That’s on top of their own experience and skills and growers already serving local communities.

Plus, relying on local people means they’re the ones who get the work and the jobs. Which, to us, only seems fair.

What high-quality cannabis products are made by our local growers?

Now on to the good stuff. Which of our favorite strains can you get from our local Oklahoma growers?

Jack Herer Oklahoma

Named after the famous cannabis rights activist sometimes called the “Emperor of Hemp”, K.I.N.D.’s Jack Herer strain is a combination of Haze, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk.

Being a hybrid that’s more heavily weighted to the sativa side genetically, it’s known for producing a calm, mentally clear effect which is also a generally uplifting, energizing experience.

First grown in Europe in the 1990s, these days many different growers have their own version of the Jack Herer strain. K.I.N.D.’s is known for both its potency and the fresh, gently sinus-opening pine-forest taste of its smoke.

This strain is well regarded by and often chosen by sufferers of stress and anxiety.

Northern Lights strain Oklahoma

The Northern Lights strain is a pure indica classic and one of the most popular and famous cannabis strains created to-date. It has also been the base of a huge number of different hybrid strains. It’s easy to see why:

For a start, the happy feeling of euphoric relaxation it promotes in most users is almost the perfect cannabis experience for many people. Plus, the plant itself flowers very quickly, is tough and produces buds which are very resin heavy.

The fact that the mildly lemon-tasting spicy herbal smoke of Northern Lights produces such a pleasant, positive feeling of relaxation means that sufferers of everything from sleep disorders to chronic pain to stress and anxiety often seek it out to put in their live resin vape.

True OG strain Oklahoma

The True OG strain is known to produce a state of mental clarity while also being very mellow and long-lasting.

Combined, these effects are often lauded by True OG users as making this particular strain ideal for times when they need relief but also need to focus on routine or even complicated tasks. This could mean everything from study to chores.

This indica was created from the wildly popular OG Kush strain. It has a refreshing citrus taste and scent. Although many people these days assume that the “OG” stands for “Original Gangster”, it actually stands for “Ocean Grown.”

Blue Dream strain Oklahoma

The pine-forest, lightly berry-scented smoke of Blue Dream is well known among (and loved by) California’s cannabis growers and users.

Because of the gently uplifting happiness this relaxing strain produces, it’s particularly sought-after by people who struggle with stress, anxiety or depression as well as chronic and temporary pain.

But whatever your reasons for choosing Blue Dream for your live resin vape cartridge, you’ll be richly rewarded:

This hugely popular sativa strain is a cross between Haze and Blueberry, which gives rise both to its sweet-smelling and tasting smoke and its high THC levels.

Strains from our local cannabis growers

All of these strains are grown, manufactured and marketed by our local cannabis growers in Oklahoma.

They’re as dedicated to making high-quality products for people in their local area as our Arizona team are to making the best for theirs.

Get in touch with the K.I.N.D. team today to find out more about any individual strain or how our local growers in Oklahoma do things.

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