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King Louie (aka King Louis XIII) strain origins and info

The Ling Louis XIII strain is something of a small-town hero that’s grown into a legend.

Outside of its home in California though, it can be difficult to find. Tracking down the King Louie strain in Oklahoma is particularly difficult, as only the highest quality dispensaries tend to supply it.

But if you’re a fan of anything in the OG Kush line, putting in the effort to get introduced to King Louie is well worth your time. Offering its users a powerfully deep level of relaxing sedation makes it the perfect “just before bed” sort of cannabis strain. 

King Louie 13 strain origins and genetics

Sometimes called “King Louie the 13th”, “Louis 13th Kush”, or simply “King Louie” or “King Louis 13” (note the different spellings, both in common use) is a cross of the famous OG Kush strain with LA Confidential. For that reason, you’ll also sometimes see it described as the “King Louie OG strain”.

OG Kush is such a popular strain that it has devotees all of its own, so any new phenotype gets a lot of interest. King Louis certainly garnered that almost immediately upon its appearance as it offers an experience that is recognisably classic OG Kush, but also something just a little special too. Today, it is a highly sought-after strain that you can’t find just anywhere. At least if you’re not in California.

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What strain is King Louie 13?

King Louie is an indica-dominant strain. It is also quite a strong strain, with most tests rating the King Louie strain’s THC level as being over 20%. This means that if you don’t have much experience with the strain – or with marijuana in general – it’s a good idea to be gentle the first time you try it. The sedation it offers can be powerful.

The flavor and aroma of the King Louie weed strain

Plants of the King Louie OG strain have an aroma that’s reminiscent of a thick pine forest – earthy, piney, the scent of classic skunk – with a sharp touch of diesel running through it. Some people can also pick out the spiciness of its famous OG Kush ancestor somewhere in there too.

On the tastebuds, the sometimes harsh smoke has a noticeable citrus flavor on top of the skunk and diesel-fume tones, making it a pleasant taste that’s very popular with fans of a “classic” cannabis.

The appearance of King Louie

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This strain has an above-average number of orange pistils (they look like orange hairs) threading their way over the surface of the green buds. The buds themselves are very dense and have a visible layer of trichomes.

The effects and experience to expect from King Louie 13

Almost all users point to the King Louie experience as being a mellow, relaxing, sedative yet gently happy one. It creates a full-body effect that many people use to bring on a swift start to their night’s sleep.

This is a strain that for most people will be completely unsuitable for daytime use. If you’re looking for something to help you relax and chill in the evening with though, it should be near the top of your menu.

While we’re on the subject of menu, this strain has also been known to prompt the appetite-enhancing “munchies” effect in some people. So make sure you stock up in advance if you’re planning on staying awake to enjoy your King Louis experience.

Is King Louis the right strain for me?

This strain can be difficult to find outside of its California stomping grounds. If you’re looking for the King Louis cannabis strain in Oklahoma, you’ll probably need to look for a specialist or high-quality dispensary.

It can be worth the effort though. If you want something that can provide powerful, full-body relaxation during the evening, something that has a very natural cannabis taste, and that will leave you thoroughly sedated and probably ready for bed or perhaps to munch down some snacks, King Louie might be a good choice.

But do remember that this is a potent strain. One of the major benefits of getting a King Louis strain cartridge for your vape is that you can take a strictly controlled and measured dosage every time. If you’re using this strain of cannabis in a joint or another device, do be aware of how much you’re putting in.

For anyone seeking a relaxing end to the day, it’s worth exploring what the King Louie 13 strain has to offer.

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