King Louis - potent, pine-scented relaxation

Relaxed, sleepy, and smooth would be three of the best descriptions of the King Louis strain. Also known as the King Louis 13 or King Louis XIII strain, this indica strain promotes an evening-friendly sensation of comprehensive relaxation.

These potent effects of using the King Louis cannabis strain will be unsurprising to anyone who is aware of the strain’s ancestry. King Louis has an OG strain heritage and its deeply relaxing, sleep-promoting, full-body effects – as well as its spicy, forest-floor scent – are definitely inherited from this ancestor. Most users find the effects on the body slowly increase over time, giving this strain some powerful sedative properties.

That forest aroma is due to the pinene-heavy terpene make-up of the King Louis 13 strain. The characteristic pine tree smell has undercurrents of musk or even diesel on the nose and a definite fresh citrus cutting through everything when it comes to flavor.

Much like the French monarch it is named after, the King Louis strain has rather discerning taste. You can’t get it everywhere. Originally created from a type of OG Kush created in Los Angeles, the King Louis weed strain is usually only available among select ranges of products.

Identifiable by the thick, pale bright green buds coated in a heavy layer of sticky trichomes and orange hairs when in plant format, the King Louis strain is best known in any form for its potency, smooth inhale, and strong relaxing effect.

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