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Live Resin – The Best THC Carts in California

Live resin is often touted as being the best cannabis for vape pens in California – and indeed, the world.

But why is that?

What is live resin?

First of all, it’s important to understand why live resin is different from other types of cannabis concentrates:

Most cannabis concentrates are created via a process which heats, cures or dries the original cannabis plant material. Live resin is not.

Actively avoiding anything which can damage the plant’s potentially vulnerable terpenes and phytonutrients – which are responsible for its unique aromas and taste – the cannabis plant materials used in the creation of live resin are flash-frozen prior to the extraction process being carried out.

Throughout the process, steps are taken to avoid introducing any kind of heat. This protects the terpenes and other beneficial organic compounds found in the natural plant.

This results in a cannabis concentrate which is:

  1. Highly flavorful – live resin retains the unique flavors and scents of the original plant. This makes it the first choice for almost any cannabis connoisseur.
  2. More potent – because no elements of the cannabis plant’s make-up are lost to drying, curing or heating, live resin is far more potent than even its usually high THC levels might suggest. This is because of something called the entourage effect…

What is the entourage effect

What makes live resin the best THC carts in California?

Most people would argue that it has at least something to do with the entourage effect. This effect is created by the combination of all of the different compounds which make up the cannabis plant acting together. This will include:

  • Cannabinoids – all of the beneficial cannabinoids which are present, such as CBD and THC
  • Terpenes – terpenes are responsible for the scent and flavors of cannabis as well as numerous other plant and even insect species. The familiar taste and aroma of citrus (also present in many strains of cannabis) is created by a terpene called limonene, for example.
  • Phytonutrients – sometimes referred to as flavinoids.

Here’s why this is important:

Some high-quality live resin is already quite potent in terms of the quantity of THC it contains. K.I.N.D. live resin is always a set minimum 70% THC, for example. That’s pretty powerful. Yet other types of THC oil may contain higher percentages of pure THC than this.

But, thanks to the entourage effect, a straight percentage for percentage comparison isn’t actually that helpful when it comes to determining the relative strengths of live resin and other types of cannabis concentrate.

Because live resin will still contain all of the beneficial compounds found in the original plant, its effects are going to be far stronger than a theoretically “purer” or stronger percentage THC product.

How to take live resin

There are at least two major methods for taking live resin:

1) Dabbing

Dabbing is a very popular method for taking all kinds of cannabis concentrates. But it does rely on you having a number of different pieces of kit (often referred to as a “rig”) and being able to use that kit correctly.

One of the most important things when using live resin is to heat the concentrate to activate the cannabinoids it contains. Without being activated, these cannabinoids will remain in forms which will not interact with your endocannabinoid system and have no beneficial effect.

The cannabinoids in other cannabis concentrates are activated by the heat involved in the production process. However, the live resin creation process explicitly forbids heat.

In order to use live resin, the heat you need to achieve with your dabbing rig is very precise. Otherwise, you risk destroying the terpenes and other fragile compounds. This isn’t something which many beginners are confident doing.

2) Vape pens and vaporizers

Far easier to use, more convenient, more subtle and faster than dabbing, vaporizers and vape pens are the go-to method of choice for huge numbers of both experienced and neophyte cannabis users alike.

Where to buy THC oil in California

Like everywhere in the US, if you are looking for live resin carts in Los Angeles, for example, it is always best to buy from a licensed dispensary.

In fact, any time questions of where to get safe cannabis vape pens in California – or indeed anywhere in the country – crop up, a licensed dispensary will always be your answer.

Obviously, the best vape cartridge brand is largely down to a matter of taste. Although you should always be checking the label of anything you buy to ensure you are getting the quality which live resin carts are known for. For instance, you will probably want to know about:

  • Quality of original plant material – the quality of live resin you get is always going to rest in large part on the quality of the plant material used to create it. In the case of K.I.N.D. cartridges, for example, the cannabis plants are home grown in American soil, are all-natural and organic. They are also strain-specific, meaning you can really taste your favorite type of marijuana even in this hyper-convenient format.
  • Quality of the extraction process – the type and precision of the extraction process used to create your live resin is also of primary importance when judging the quality you are likely to get. For instance, the process used to create everything in the world of K.I.N.D. uses no cutting agents and guarantees that there are no solvents left behind in the final product.

Why buy live resin carts?

One thing is for sure:

Wherever you are in California, live resin carts are often described as representing the very best of what the cannabis experience can be. In fact, they’re the choice of large numbers of recreational users and medical marijuana patients who used to get the relief they need in more traditional ways.

After all, unlike some of the other THC oil you can get in California, with live resin you still get the same flavors and aromas as the original cannabis plant it was made from – as well as an incredibly potent, fast-acting effect.

Combined with the possibilities for subtle, non-invasive and easy use which vape pens and cartridges offer, live resin THC carts really are some of the best in California.

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