Medical Marijuana – Fight the Stigma with the Facts

Oct 14, 2017 | Fun CBD Facts

Image of marijuana leaves and a stethoscope

At this point in the nation’s history, it would seem that the medical benefits of cannabis should be obvious to potential patients, with over 23 states throughout the United States have legalized marijuana for medical or even recreational purposes since 1996. Residents of the Valley have been able to treat their illnesses with medical marijuana in Arizona since 2010 and even as recently as last year states such as Maine and Massachusetts have been able to legalize marijuana for recreational enjoyment.

However, even with the current legal status of cannabis opening up, the rampant stigma against marijuana and persecution of its users for almost a century in this country is causing potential patients, and even current registered patients to remain uncomfortable about certain aspects of medical marijuana products and the industry at large.

This social discomfort even stops many would be patients from inquiring about the pros of medical marijuana versus more traditional, non-cannabis treatments they may already be using for current medical ailments. Clinical studies have shown this to be the case. In 2009, Travis D. Satterland, Ph.D., J.D., Juliet P. Lee, Ph.D., and Roland S. Moore, Ph.D. conducted interviews on 18 medical marijuana patients in order to determine the effects of the stigmatization of marijuana had on their health and treatment. These researchers came back with the conclusion that the social stigma of marijuana use, even for medical marijuana products, has a negative impact on how, when and the level of the treatment the patients eventually receive.

To be honest, with such rigorous social prejudice against cannabis for such a length of time, the discomfort is only reasonable. But with all the growing and positive research on the pros of medical marijuana, it may be worth honestly inquiring into medical marijuana as an option for your treatment with your physician.

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