Northern Lights K.I.N.D. Resin

The Northern Lights Indica strain is perhaps the most famous cannabis strain of all time. Featuring in everything from pop culture to industry awards ceremonies, it has become a staple of the scene – not to mention the medicine cabinets of devoted users across the United States and far beyond.

This potent strain is known for both its efficacy and the level of relaxation it produces in its users. But, at the same time, it is renowned for the generally uplifting, positive feeling of the conditions it creates. Northern Lights Indica’s effects are agreed to spread through your entire body, relaxing the mind at the same time as tense muscles. This is not a strain you should plan to use if you have any kind of activities other than sedentary ones planned for your immediate future.

You can identify Northern Lights, a Cannabis Indica strain, by its dense, sweet yet spicy scent and flavor. You may also be able to see the distinctive heavily crystalised purple buds if you have the chance to view the raw plant material.

Answers to the common question of whether Northern Lights is an Indica or Sativa should be obvious by now. But to reiterate, this Indica-dominant strain has all of the distinctive characteristics of most Indicas

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