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The Northern Lights Indica strain is perhaps the most famous cannabis strain of all time. Featuring in everything from pop culture to industry awards ceremonies, it has become a staple of the scene – not to mention the medicine cabinets of devoted users across the United States and far beyond.

This potent strain is known for both its efficacy and the level of relaxation it produces in its users. But, at the same time, it is renowned for the generally uplifting, positive feeling of the conditions it creates. Northern Lights Indica’s effects are agreed to spread through your entire body, relaxing the mind at the same time as tense muscles. This is not a strain you should plan to use if you have any kind of activities other than sedentary ones planned for your immediate future.

You can identify Northern Lights, a Cannabis Indica strain, by its dense, sweet yet spicy scent and flavor. You may also be able to see the distinctive heavily crystalised purple buds if you have the chance to view the raw plant material.

Answers to the common question of whether Northern Lights is an Indica or Sativa should be obvious by now. But to reiterate, this Indica-dominant strain has all of the distinctive characteristics of most Indicas

What is the Northern lights strain?

The Northern lights strain was grown for the first time near Seattle on an island in the 1970s by someone called “The Indian.” It is one of the most popular strains.

This individual grew some Afghani Indica plants and named them Northern Lights #1-11. After that, this strain went to the Netherlands, where it was made perfect by Neville Schoenmaker or the King of Cannabis.

This process was not documented fully, so it’s a mystery how the Northern lights strain was created. The first batch was sold in Europe in the 1980s and traveled to the US in the 90s. 

This strain is a mix between Thai and Afghani Indica, with Indica being 85% and Sativa being 5% of the strain. The THC is between 16 to 21%, and the CBD levels are extremely small.

You can feel relaxed and euphoric with a high appetite and in a feel-good mood. It’s best to be used at night by people with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more.

Northern lights strain Aroma

The Northern lights strain aroma is overwhelming the whole body. It smells like a skunk with an earthy tone, a citrus tone, and a bit of pine tree aroma.

Some users find the Aroma extremely unpleasant, while others enjoy it in combination with the fresh taste.

Northern lights strain Flavor

The taste of the Northern lights strain is sweet with a refreshing tone representing a forest ambiance.

The Flavor is intense, and it tastes like earth and fresh pines with lemon zest. Once you smoke it, it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

Northern lights strain Appearance

The Northern Lights marijuana plant has a medium size, dense, thick bud. These buds have thick leaves that go upwards; their color is olive with purple and blue streaks. The buds have orange hairs that cover them with a layer of trichomes. When the sun shines on the flower, it looks like the northern lights shine.

Northern lights strain Grow Info

The Northern lights train grows indoors and has many cycles per year with a fast-growing strain. Its flowering time is between 6 and 7 weeks, its yield is high, and it’s really easy to grow. It prefers long summers and warm climates between 70 to 85 degrees. 

The best way to grow it is if you feed it with high levels of nitrogen, and it can take a heavy feeding through the flowering cycle.

THC Content of the Northern lights strain

The Northern Lights weed has about 18% THC and is potent enough for many users. It can provide a lovely high if used in moderation.

CBD Content of the Northern lights strain

Regarding CBD in Northern lights, it has about 0.1% on average. This is as low as you can go regarding a strain.

Medical Benefits of the Northern lights strain

The medical benefits of the Northern lights strain are that it can give a heavy body high and has sedating effects that numb any pain like migraines.

It also helps with insomnia or any other sleep disorder. It increases the appetite in people with medication or chemotherapy that cause the loss of it.

The Northern lights weed helps those with anxiety, stress, and depression by improving their mood. Note that high doses of the strain can cause anxiety and paranoia.

If you take the strain as edibles, be very careful of the delayed effect.

Possible Side Effects of the Northern lights strain

The strain has adverse effects like dry mouth, eyes, and paranoia. You must drink a lot of water to battle a dry mouth and apply eye drops for dry eyes.

Preventing anxiety and paranoia can be done by micro-dosing when consuming it. You can also take a little dose of CBD oil.


Is Northern Lights more sativa or indica?

Northern Lights is 95% Indica and 5% Sativa because of the cross between Thai and Afghani Indica strains.

Is Northern Lights a strong strain?

Northern Lights is a medium-strong strain with 16 to 21 percent THC and nonexistent CBD levels. 

Is Northern Lights strain good for anxiety?

Yes, the Northern Lights strain is good for calming the mind and elevating the mood, therefore combating states like anxiety and depression.

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