OG-18 K.I.N.D. Resin

Otherwise known as the “Private Reserve” OG or occasionally OG #18, the OG-18 strain is known for its relaxation qualities. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, it doesn’t lend itself well to many physical or analytical activities after use

The OG-18 strain can be identified by its slightly sour, earthy flavors and scent, which many people point to as being redolent of diesel – just like its ancestor strain, OG Kush. The buds themselves are thick and sticky and often easy to distinguish from those of other strains.

Despite the fact that many users swear by OG #18 strain as something to address and calm the mental aspects of their anxiety, many others report that they can continue with their daily tasks just as well after taking a dose of this strain. While it is known to produce bodily and mental relaxation, it also creates a sense of clarity and good humour. Users who do use OG-18 and continue with their day will usually tell you that everything is just that bit funnier and they are just that bit more willing to wax lyrical in conversations.

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