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We have a whole range of high-quality cannabis concentrates available in your nearest Arizona dispensary. The one or ones which will be best for you will depend on your particular condition and the reasons you choose to take cannabis for it - as well as your personal preferences.

THC pills are often a good choice if you cannot or do not want to smoke cannabis oil or vape it. Vaping THC, while it creates far less of an aroma than smoking it, still does sometimes have a slight aroma. On the other hand, THC capsules have none. Plus, they contain far less sugar than other edibles, making them much healthier.

All of the cannabis vape oil which K.I.N.D. Concentrates stocks is manufactured through a proprietary process. This involves five different levels of distillation, meaning that there are NEVER any remaining solvents in the THC vape cartridges or other products you get from your nearest Arizona dispensary.

This process also allows us to create a standard of products which are 80%+ THC or CBD. Some of our purest products can reach 90% purity or more.

Live resin is a particular type of cannabis concentrate which contains far more terpenes (the organic compounds found in plants such as cannabis which give them their particular aromas and flavors) than other types.

This is because of the process of decarboxylation, which is part of the process of making almost other kinds of concentrates. Decarboxylation involves the application of heat, which can damage or destroy the terpenes in the cannabis plant.

As live resin does not involve the use of heat and decarboxylation does not take place, live resin tends to be far more aromatic and flavorful than other cannabis concentrates. This is why it also tends to be available at a higher price point.

Of course, K.I.N.D. live resin is also 70%+ THC. That is quite a step of purity above other concentrates on the market in Arizona.

Keef Cola is made using a special kind of sonic nanotechnology. The way which this emulsifies the THC molecules into the liquid means that Keef Cola can have an effect on you in as little as five or ten minutes.

This is because it can be absorbed into your body through the mouth - well before it reaches your intestines, the place other edibles might have to reach in order to do their work.

Rick Simpson Oil is also called RSO oil or, sometimes, Phoenix Tears. This latter name was the title of the book written by Simpson to promote his original formula. He claims that taking this oil caused the type of skin cancer he had (basal cell carcinoma) to be cured - and has also made claims regarding its potential as a cure for all other types of cancer as well as various other conditions.