cannabis leaf
cannabis leaf

When you purchase medical marijuana in Oklahoma, you are getting a product which you cannot always be sure of the quality of. At least, the quality is not measured or labeled in a way which makes it easy to tell what the effects are going to be.

Cannabis concentrates, on the other hand, are products which are distilled from the cannabis plant using certain kinds of solvents. They can be tested and are usually labeled so you can be sure of the levels of active beneficial compounds like THC and CBD which can be found inside.

Common types of cannabis concentrates include CBD oil and THC oil, one variety of which is the well known RSO oil (Rick Simpson Oil, also known as Phoenix Tears).

K.I.N.D. Concentrates offers a wide range of concentrates derived from medical marijuana. Oklahoma is one of the latest states which we supply.

K.I.N.D. Concentrates' cannabis vape oil and other products are almost always purer than the alternatives you will find elsewhere. This is because it is made with a special proprietary process which involves five levels of distillation. This creates an oil uniquely pure and free from solvents and other byproducts of the production process.

What does this mean for our purity levels?

Well, most cannabis concentrates you can buy in Oklahoma are usually around 50-60% pure. On the other hand, K.I.N.D. products are normally at least 80%+ THC or CBD pure. Some of our product ranges have been tested at 90% purity. Sometimes even higher.

This will depend on your condition and why you have chosen to take medical marijuana to address it. What you personally prefer and the effects you are looking for will also play a major role.

We stock all kinds of cannabis-derived products. This includes edibles such as our Keef Cola and vape pen THC oil ideal for almost any kind of device, including one of our favorites - our Kind Nectar Cartridges. These are especially fragrant because of the number of terpenes (the chemical compounds which give different strains of marijuana and other plants their unique scents and flavors) which are still present in the final product.

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We often recommend getting a cannabis oil vape if you want to create less of an aroma and reduce the negative health effects of smoking.

Keef Cola is one of the products we are most excited about. Unlike most of Kind Concentrates' other products, this is an edible created using sonic nanotechnology. Not only is this advanced method really interesting, but it also emulsifies the THC molecules into the tasty cola so that it can affect you in ten minutes or less!

This is because there is no need for the liquid to pass all the way down to your intestines in order to be absorbed by your body. It is absorbed in the mouth instead, meaning it can get to work much sooner.

Yes, they are. "Phoenix Tears" was the name of the book Simpson wrote about his story. If you've been searching for where to buy Rick Simpson oil and you keep getting Phoenix Tears instead, that's why.

RSO oil is a type of THC oil first produced according to a formula created by a man named Rick Simpson. Simpson gained fame - or notoriety - for his claims that his use of the oil cured the basal cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer) which he was suffering from. He also claims that he has used the oil to cure other people of a range of conditions.

There are several reasons why people buy THC oil for vape pens they own rather than fill them themselves:

Firstly, it's cleaner - refilling your vape on your own can get a little messy. Secondly, it's much faster and more efficient to buy them pre-filled or pre-loaded. It also retains the discrete nature of the whole process. Vaping creates much less of an aroma than smoking the raw cannabis plant already, so making the re-filling process essentially click and play means there is nothing obtrusive about it.

Finally, pre-filled cartridges or capsules make it much easier to select and monitor the dose you take. Most pens provide precise measurements and, because Kind Concentrates products are always clearly labeled with their purity, you can be sure you are taking the dose which is right for you.

As one of the more recent states (the 30th) to legalize cannabis for medical reasons, it's easy to get a little confused about laws as they currently stand in Oklahoma. Medical marijuana can currently be smoked or vaped anywhere that tobacco can be smoked. Edible products can be used anywhere.

As all forms of medical marijuana are still illegal at the federal level, you cannot legally smoke or possess cannabis on any federal land in Oklahoma. You also can't use it on tribal trust land.