K.I.N.D. Resin

What is a K.I.N.D. ResinTM premium THC Oil vape cartridge?

What makes it an industry leading vape product? It all starts with quality. The quality of our starting cannabis materials, and the craftsmanship of our vaping hardware, have given our K.I.N.D. Resin product line-up its unmatched reputation and the popularity it currently holds in the market today.

The K.I.N.D. Resin process utilizes whole cannabis plants in order to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. These terpenes and other desired compounds can then be isolated and extracted, capturing the strain specific qualities and attributes of each strain. Finally, we introduce these amazing terpene spectrums to ultra refined and 70%+ purity tested premium oil, resulting in the most flavorful, potent, and discreet THC Vape product in the market. K.I.N.D. Resin is by far our most popular THC vape cartridge, and for good reason.

K.I.N.D. cannabis concentrates are formulated with 100% all-natural purely organic cannabis, delivering an exceptional experience and flavor profile, without GMO. In addition, our K.I.N.D. Resin products test at a minimum THC level of 70%, providing the user with an unrivaled euphoric experience of a clean, flavorful, and natural cannabis vape product.

Whether you are a long-time cannabis consumer, or brand new to experiencing the medical benefits of this miracle plant, we are confident K.I.N.D. ResinTM premium oil vape cartridges are essential to your overall well-being and will not disappoint. Try one today, and see for yourself!

The K.I.N.D. Resin products are strain specific and you can find the following strains in an Arizona dispensary near you:

White Fire OG, Aurora, Blue Dream, GDP, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, GSC, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, OG-18, Purple Punch, Sour Diesel, True OG

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