Sweet Karts

Sweet Karts are the best of both worlds, easy-to-use flavorful THC oil vape cartridges with all the medical marijuana benefits included. With the many flavors we offer you will be sure to come back for more. When you first taste this THC vape oil, the name choice will become apparent as this is the sweet and easy choice of many people to receive the full benefits of medical marijuana while also enjoying the fruity flavors Sweet Karts come in.

Don’t let the sweet, fruity flavors fool you! Sweet Karts are refined five times and constantly tested at 90%+ THC distillate. It is a high-quality, very high-potency THC product that delivers the desired effects.

You can find Sweet Karts in a dispensary near you, currently available in the following flavors: Winterberry, Blackberries and Cream, Apple Pie, Blueberry, Rocket Pop, Strawberry, Sweet Peach

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