Sweet Karts Disposable

Ready for a discreet, convenient way to enjoy cannabis, but want something a bit more exciting and flavorful – not to mention easy to use?

That’s where K.I.N.D. Sweet Kart Disposable vape pens come in! Each premium, pure and potent Sweet Kart pen comes in one of three delicious flavors – Rocket Pop, Blueberry Pie, Strawberry Jam – but is also incredibly potent, regularly clocking in at over 90%+ premium THC oil.

Plus, in this format – hassle-free, subtle, easy-to-use disposable THC pens – Sweet Karts are more suitable than ever for beginners. Or for those highly experienced users who also have a sweet tooth! Variations

  •   300MG

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This depends on the user. If you haven’t had much experience using marijuana, have a low tolerance – this can depend on your body weight as well as numerous other factors – or don’t need much to achieve the effects you are looking for, your vape pen will last much longer than if you inhale large amounts on a regular basis and have a high tolerance.

In terms of inhalation time, each vape pen we sell is designed for multiple hours of use and comes equipped with a fully charged battery that will last for longer than that amount of time.

All of the technology is based on CCELL Hardware by Jupiter. It’s renowned in the industry and far beyond for its durability and reliability.

No, as opposed to a disposable THC cartridge vape pen, these entirely disposable pens come fully loaded and equipped with everything they need to be used right out of the box. You don’t need to source disposable carts. Once the pen is exhausted – after many hours of happy use – you can simply safely dispose of it.

Technically speaking, Sweet Karts contain premium THC oil that is regularly tested as exceeding 90%+ THC purity. These are potent products that should be used with care by first-timers. They deliver fast-acting relief used by people from all walks of life and are used to address all kinds of conditions.

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