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The Purple Punch strain is so-called because of the surprising purple color of the buds of the plant itself. The name is also just a hint at the wondrous slightly tart grape or blueberry-like flavors this strain can produce in addition to its undertones of earthy vanilla.

Yet it is not just for its unusual fruity flavors that the Purple Punch weed strain is known. This cross between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG is amazingly potent, resulting in an almost-instant head high that novice users may find shocking. This initial impact quickly recedes though, leaving in its wake a full-body relaxation effect that retains the positive, uplifting feel of the rather intense original impact.

A common question relates to what strain Purple Punch is. Purple Punch strain is an Indica rather than a Sativa, as will become rapidly obvious to most users.

What Is the Purple Punch strain?

Purple Punch is a potent type of bud that offers a delicious flavor with effects that you will crave here and there. By crossing Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, this Indica-dominant strain has the best traits of its parents.

Users who love strong body and mind effects can try the strain.

Purple Punch strain Aroma

Some people describe the aroma of the Purple strain as a punch since there is a strong grape aroma. People describe it as a Kool-Aid smell.

This smell also has notes of different herbs, vanilla, and blueberries, making it even more enticing for long-time users and newbies.

Purple Punch strain Flavor

The strain is excellent as a dessert strain. It has a sweet flavor of vanilla, blueberry, grape, and herb taste.

Like the smell, it offers a fantastic experience to any users looking out for a sedating strain that can take their minds off things.

Purple Punch strain Appearance

The Purple Punch strain is mostly purple with some green streaks. Its buds are vibrant green and fluffy with a rich coat of frosty trichomes. When it’s time for harvesting, some orange pistils cover its nugs, and the plant receives its vibrant and colorful appearance.

Purple Punch strain Grow Info

Purple Punch has a medium difficulty when it comes to its growth, with the main concerns being keeping away pests and mold. 

This strain loves a humid and sunny climate, so if you grow it indoors, you must have high-power lights and a good heating system.

If growers want to cultivate it outside, they must have a Mediterranean climate for the best harvest. Note that the harvest happens in the middle of October. 

The strain has plenty of yields that range between 35 and 70 ounces per plant.

It’s a good idea to regularly top the plant to prevent large leaves from blocking the air and light.

If growing indoors, the flowering times takes between 50 and 60 days, and the yield goes to 21 ounces per square meter.

To bring out the purple, you might need to expose the Purple Punch plant to cool temperatures right before the flowering stage.

THC Content of the Purple Punch strain

The THC content in the Purple Punch is around 20% which is pretty strong for inexperienced users, so they should be aware.

CBD Content of the Purple Punch strain

The CBD content is 1% in the Purple Punch strain, and that is good to know for any types of users-experienced or not. 

Medical Benefits of the Purple Punch strain

The strain is known for its vast medical and therapeutic benefits. It’s the best of both worlds for being focused and relaxed. This strain relieves body aches, headaches, and migraines. It also helps with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. You might feel its effects going down your spine to your fingers, lower body, and torso. It relieves any tension you have in a heartbeat.

Cancer patients can also use the strain to relieve chronic pain and muscle tension. It also helps with some neurological disorders.

When it’s consumed in moderation, Purple Punch doesn’t impact your day-to-day activities, but you can become a bit drowsy. It improves your mood, attention, focus, and creativity.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Punch strain

The possible side effects of this strain include drowsiness, cottonmouth, dry eyes, and couch-lock. 


Is purple punch a sativa or indica?

The Purple Punch strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with an 80:20 ratio of both Indica to Sativa.

What is the strain purple punch good for?

The Purple Punch strain is excellent for both medical and recreational purposes. Most people use it to feel calmer, happier and for pain relief. 

Is Purple Punch Top Shelf?

Purple Punch is Top Shelf thanks to its being a cross-over between 2 Indica-dominant classic strains. 

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