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The Sour Diesel strain is very popular despite the fact that the original components which went into its creation are something of a mystery. There are several theories of likely ancestors – Northern Lights and Chemdawg among them. For those concerned with what strain Sour Diesel is, it is safe to say that is predominantly a Sativa.

But what’s more important for most people looking into the qualities of Sour Diesel are the general mood enhancement and positive initial headrush that users experience. Somewhat uniquely among cannabis strains, this first enlivening aspect of the Sour Diesel experience stays strongly present long after the initial inhalation of that product, and will rarely, if ever, lead to staying stuck on your couch for any length of time.

This potent, popular strain has been famous for decades and for good reason. On the nose, there is a definite note of the eponymous diesel or gasoline with undertones of orange citrus as well as pine or musky earth

What is the Sour Diesel strain?

The Sour Diesel strain, or as some call it, Sour Deez or Sour D, is one of the most popular cannabis strains. It’s a crossover between Super Skunk and Chemdawg. It can affect users by making them energized and quite dreamy. It has a flavor profile that smells a bit like diesel. Patients use it to relieve pain, depression, and stress. The strain prefers outdoor climates and has a lengthy flowering time for growing. 

Most people don’t know that it became very popular in the 1990s and has been loved since then.

Sour Diesel strain Aroma

When it comes to the smell of the strain, it has a pungent smell of lemons, diesel, and skunk. The aroma is pretty sour and strong for some but delightful for others.

Sour Diesel strain Flavor

The Sour Diesel strain has a gassy, earthy, and herbal taste, with some notes of lemon left after smoking.

It’s a pretty strong flavor, just like the smell, so it all depends on your taste, whether you like stronger flavors or more sweet and fruity ones.

Sour Diesel strain Appearance

Sour Diesel has round and chunky calyxes with light green colors, bright orange pistils, and dark sugar leaves. Its appearance is breathtaking and can be recognized amongst other cannabis plants fairly easily.

Sour Diesel strain Grow Info

Sour Diesel prefers mild to warm climates with temperatures ranging between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It can fill indoor spaces quite quickly, so it’s better to grow it in outdoor spaces where it will have lots of room to fill.

THC Content of the Sour Diesel strain

The THC content of the Sour Diesel is quite high. It comes to 25%, but you can spot it at 17% on average.

CBD Content of the Sour Diesel strain

This strain has quite a high SCBD cannabinoid profile, as it has about 20% CBD and about 0.094% Delta-9 THC.

Medical Benefits of the Sour Diesel strain

Sour Diesel can help many people with severe mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s good to use small amounts of Sour Diesel since overdosing can lead to some conditions.

This is a replenishing strain, so you can use it for energizing early in the day. As always, we advise you to use it with caution.

Some users prefer dabbing or vaping the strain concentrate since it has faster-acting effects. Note that this strain is super potent, and some concentrates even have 90% THC, so you need a tiny amount.

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Diesel strain

If you use too much of the Sour Diesel strain, you can increase your paranoia, stress, and anxiety levels. Therefore, you should check your limits and take small amounts. This is tailored toward those that are new to smoking marijuana.

Common side effects typically include dry eyes and dry mouth. To battle these, you should keep yourself hydrated and always have some eye drops nearby.


Is Sour Diesel an indica or Sativa?

Sour Diesel is a Sativa strain coming from California. It’s one of the most famous Sativas around the world. 

Is Sour Diesel strong?

Sour Diesel is known as the so-called “bell ringer” that can turn any experienced user into a laughing shell of a human being.

Does Sour Diesel get you high?

Sour D has excellent potency, which is fantastic for boosting your energy and mood if you feel under the weather or sluggish. It elevates and gives you a euphoric high like nothing else.

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