Sour Diesel K.I.N.D. Resin

The Sour Diesel strain is very popular despite the fact that the original components which went into its creation are something of a mystery. There are several theories of likely ancestors – Northern Lights and Chemdawg among them. For those concerned with what strain Sour Diesel is, it is safe to say that is predominantly a Sativa.

But what’s more important for most people looking into the qualities of Sour Diesel are the general mood enhancement and positive initial headrush that users experience. Somewhat uniquely among cannabis strains, this first enlivening aspect of the Sour Diesel experience stays strongly present long after the initial inhalation of that product, and will rarely, if ever, lead to staying stuck on your couch for any length of time.

This potent, popular strain has been famous for decades and for good reason. On the nose, there is a definite note of the eponymous diesel or gasoline with undertones of orange citrus as well as pine or musky earth

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