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Tips for Choosing Your Vape Pen for Cannabis Vape Oil

The most basic tip to start with when selecting a cannabis oil vape pen is to bear in mind the kind of cannabis vape oil that you are going to put in it.

Pretty much the only suggested mechanical requirement of the device itself would be that built-in temperature control is usually a good idea.

Selecting the right cannabis vape oil for you

Of course, this means that the first step when selecting your vape will be to consider the type of oil you are going to use.

The best cannabis vape oil for you will depend on a number of different factors:

  • The experience and effects you want to create when you imbibe it.
  • Factors personal to your body, such as your tolerance when it comes to strength.
  • Your personal preferences when it comes to flavors and aroma.
  • Your lifestyle and where and when you are going to use it.

What types of cannabis vape oil devices are there?

There are generally said to be two different kinds of cannabis oil vape pens:

Open source devices and proprietary devices. There are quite a few differences between the two…

1) “Open Source” devices

Open Source devices are the most popular and easy to acquire type of vape.

You will often see them called 5/10 vapes. The 5/10, in this instance, refers to the type of threading used – it’s pretty much the default type for cannabis oil vape cartridges.

Here are the main features of 5/10 or open-source vapes:

  • Affordable: open-source devices are almost always cheaper than the alternatives. The downside to this is that, with some notable exceptions, a cheaper device does tend to mean lower quality.
  • Customization and variety: open source and 5/10 vapes come in a truly stunning variety of colors, shapes and styles. Whatever you prefer, you’ll almost certainly be able to find something that’s “you”.
  • Don’t usually have a temperature control: while you don’t necessarily need a temperature control on your vape, having one allows you to get the intended flavor from your chosen oil and minimize the associated health risks.

2) Proprietary vape devices

These days, proprietary devices are much easier to acquire than they used to be. As you will probably have guessed from the name, each proprietary vape is made by a specific company.

The main features of proprietary vapes include:

  • Cost: although there are exceptions to the rule, most proprietary devices tend to be more expensive than their open-source counterparts.
  • One brand: when they were first introduced, proprietary devices were disliked by most people because you had to use only the refills and extra parts made by that specific company. These days if you need a new cannabis oil vape battery (for instance) for your proprietary device, you will usually find it much easier to find one which matches.
  • More features: as the “luxury” models in many cases, proprietary devices tend to have additional features. Temperature controls are common, as are dosing and tracking features and locking mechanisms.

The importance of quality

You should be very sure that you know the provenance of both the oil and the vape device that you end up buying.

Recently, there have been increasing numbers of people being hospitalized in the US with serious conditions related to vaping. Most of them had one thing in common:

They had bought the cheapest alternative they could find – usually from an unlicensed supplier or the black market which exists for these kinds of products.

These suppliers – which sometimes take the form of pop-up shops – offer poor quality, cheap substitutes for actual devices as well as cannabis oil vape refills which are fake or counterfeit versions of actual products.

Always be careful where you get your vape and vape oil.

What’s the takeaway?

The most important things to remember are:

  • Remember that the type of cannabis oil you are going to use will play a major role in which type of vape is best for you.
  • Think carefully about your personal preferences, the effects you want to create and what that means about the type of vape oil which will be best for you.
  • Always remember that quality comes first – always get your vape and vape oil from a licensed supplier.

One final tip is to ask if you’re ever in any doubt. If you’re in a licensed dispensary or dealing with a respectable supplier, they should be happy to talk you through the pros and cons of any vape device, component or oil.

They should also be able to help you choose a vape pen and cannabis vape oil which will be suitable for your preferences in particular.

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