Trokie Is Officially Patented!

Oct 14, 2017 | Marijuana Industry, Marijuana Products

Image of Trokie medical marijuana lozenges

The Trokie is officially patented!  Now, before you try to Google search why a new Pokemon received a patent from the US government, let us go ahead and clarify why this new product called the “Trokie” is going to change medical marijuana in Arizona and throughout the nation as you know it!

The creation of the Trokie represented a completely brand new method of ingesting cannabis.  The Trokie is a type of medical cannabis lozenge.  A lozenge, more commonly known as a cough drop, is a dissolvable medicated administration of certain healing properties, often eucalyptus and other medicinal substances.

The main difference the Trokie has from the traditional lozenge is that the healing properties come from medical marijuana.

According to the Trokie’s creator, Dr. Kent Crowley, the most remarkable fact about the Trokie is that it is the most “concentrated per unit of volume or weight of any product” in the cannabis market.  Trokie reviews indicate that it is also the cannabis delivery system that delivers the most consistent, reliable and controllable dose while also having the largest degree of effectiveness with almost all users.  This special lozenge’s delivery system is also analogous to a marijuana capsule or cannabis tincture.

Dr. Kent Crowley created the Trokie in the span of three days and then went ahead and made it a commercial product on store shelves within three months.  What’s even more remarkable is that the Trokie has received an official patent from the US Patent Office!

There are only two other patents in the cannabis space, and they are owned by the US government.

In a lot of ways, this represents just as big of a legislation breakthrough for cannabis legalization as all the states that have started medical and recreational movements because it shows that at least some parts of the United States federal government understand that there are medical positives associated with cannabis.  It only makes sense if this trend towards acceptance of marijuana, especially in a medical light, keeps growing and we can finally abolish this ridiculous prohibition enacted by the federal government against it.

Wondering where to buy Trokie?  Go ahead and look in your local dispensary to see if they carry it!  If not go ahead and contact us at KIND Concentrates and we’ll shoot you in the right direction.

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