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The True OG strain is one of many popular OG strains created from the original, infamous OG Kush. It is often said to have relatively slow-onset effects. Yet, when those effects do make themselves felt, they are potent and immediately noticeable.

The name “OG” itself does not refer to “Original Gangster”, as many people assume. It is in fact a reference to the original site of the creation of this set of strain – California – where OG referred to it being “Ocean Grown”.

You may be able to recognise the True OG strain by its woodsy, pine-scented smoke with a hint of citrus and the slightly acrid sensation it leaves in the throat. The flowers are often smaller than usual if you look at the plant itself and the buds have tips that feature noticeable points.

What Is the True OG strain?

The True OG strain, called Kobe OG, is an Indica and Sativa hybrid with 70% Indica and about 30% Sativa. It was bred by breeders in California called Elemental Seeds and created from an OG Kush stock; it became a powerful hybrid with 22% THC.

It has a sound effects balance which contributes to it being of the top medicine weeds globally. The strain has won 2nd place every time in the High Times Medical Cup events ever since 2010.

We will learn more about this unique strain in the paragraphs below.

True OG strain Aroma

The strain has a specific scent that is kind of skunky with an undertone of citrus. The buds have a crisp pine and citrus scent that makes your mouth water.

It’s actually quite pleasant, but it really depends on the phenotype you get.

True OG strain Flavor

The True OG has lots of flavors with pungent earthy characteristics. Like the aroma, the taste is skunky and strong with citrus and spicy hints. It leaves a sour and fresh pine taste when you exhale, and you can feel it for some time on your tongue.

True OG strain Appearance

True OG has a beautiful green color with orange pistils coming out. It has lots of amber hairs all over its body and resin with trichomes sparkling through its heavy coat.

Its leaves are long fan ones, and they expand as the plant grows while the nugs are nicely tucked in together and have a pear shape.

True OG strain Grow Info

The flowers of the weed plant grow around 56 to 62 days, and the growth is vigorous with a prolific nature. If the conditions are good enough, the plant can grow both outdoors and indoors with a rich harvest.

THC Content of the True OG strain

When it comes to the THC content in True OG, it has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, with THC levels as high as 22%. Because of this THC percentage, thestrain has good calming effects and few side effects. It doesn’t cause life-threatening overdoses, and it’s okay for newbies with little to no tolerance.

CBD Content of the True OG strain

The strain has a 1% CBD content, which in collection with its excellent medical properties, has been named one of the top strains in High Times for 2014. It has also dominated the Medical Cannabis Cup since its first award in 2010.

Medical Benefits of the True OG strain

One of the medical benefits of the strain is that it lessens nausea that occurs in chemotherapy patients. One of the most substantial side effects of chemo is nausea, and because of that, cancer patients lose a lot of weight. 

Patients can easily have more appetite and stay in shape using a True OG strain since getting thinner when you have cancer can be life-threatening.

Appetite can help you recover massively. 

Thanks to such strains’ excellent properties, mother nature has our backs.

Possible Side Effects of the True OG strain

Just like any other weed strain, the True OG has some side effects to its name.

They can include dry mouth and thirst, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Users might also experience a relaxing high in the body with a euphoric and focused state of mind. This could be great for anxiety relief. Despite that goodness, you might feel a little bit of a couch lock.


What strain is true OG?

True OG is a hybrid strain of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It’s bred with OG Kush genetics. 

Is True OG strain good?

The True OG strain has been in second place in the High Times Medical Cup for years in a row within the Indica category.

What does OG in strains mean?

OG means “Ocean Grown,” referring to strains grown in California. It provides its users with flawless taste, smell, and effects.

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