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What can you do with THC distillate?

THC distillate is well known in cannabis circles for its potency and purity.

Yet it’s also something about which you often hear conflicting stories about what goes in and who likes to use it.

So how do you use THC distillate? What is it really made of? Is it the right choice for you?

If you’re wondering what to do with THC distillate, this article is for you.


What is THC distillate?

THC distillate, just like it sounds, is THC (the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, the one most responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effects) that has been extracted from the marijuana plant using a process of distillation.

The process that’s used is not dissimilar to the way alcohol is distilled. It’s another level of refinement further from cannabis oil that has already been extracted from the original cannabis plant material. To create the distillate, this extracted oil is heated until it is about to be vaporized and then the vapor is decondensed.

When collected, the resultant distillate is packed with THC, looks like a clear, golden liquid, and has been decarboxylated, meaning the THC has been activated and can be used for an even wider array of purposes.


Why is THC distillate so popular?

1) Purity

The overall goal with most distillates is to remove as many impurities from the original cannabis plant material as possible.

This means that the results are as clean as they possibly can be. This makes it distillate a popular choice for anyone experimenting with cannabis for medical reasons.

2) Potency

Being composed as close to entirely of THC as possible gives most THC distillate some incredible potency. It’s not uncommon for high-quality THC distillate very close to this – 99% purity, for example. For many people, this is reason enough alone to want to check it out.

3) Flexibility

Anyone carrying out a quick internet search to figure out how to use distillate THC will likely be overwhelmed by the choice they have available. Because the answer seems to be “however you want”.

Because the cannabis plant material is decarboxylated as part of the distillation process, there’s an even larger range of ways to enjoy your THC distillate. You might want to vaporize it, “top off” your joint, use it sublingually as a tincture, or bake it into edibles.

The final pure distillate is effectively tasteless, so it’s easy to add it to other substances or reintroduce other terpenes for flavoring.

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Are there any downsides of distillate THC?

The only real downsides of THC distillates are their very potency and purity. For some people, these are attractions. Knowing you are using something that is of almost medical-grade purity is a benefit and makes them feel safer and more comfortable – especially when a potent relief effect is what is being looked for.

For others, this takes away from the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis experience. Because all other parts of the marijuana plant have been removed during the distillation process, the actually beneficial (when it comes to flavor and other effects) terpenes and other cannabinoids have also been removed.

This can result in THC distillate being bland or even feeling a bit sterile. Again, for some, that’s a plus. But it is worth knowing that most manufacturers reintroduce terpenes at the end of the process. The result might have a marginally diluted potency, but most see it as a worthwhile trade to get some exciting flavor back into the mix.

Finally, the question of what is distillate THC made from needs to be considered. Distillate has somehow acquired a reputation as something that can be made from the poorest quality cannabis plant material.

Of course, as with everything, what you put in will affect what comes out. While it is possible to make THC distillate with poor quality materials, it’s not possible to make high-quality distillate with poor quality materials. You should always be on the lookout for distillate that’s made from high-quality cannabis if you want the results true distillate is known for.


How to use THC distillate

What can you do with THC distillate? What can’t you do with THC distillate more like! You can use THC distillate in a wide variety of ways. 

  1. Topping off your joint or bowl – if you’re wondering how to smoke THC distillate, this is it. Adding some to the plant material already in your joint or bong is the way most people do it. This gives you a potency boost while you still enjoy the flavors and aroma of the marijuana that you’ve already added.
  2. Vaping – you can get some THC distillates suspended in an oil that is suitable for vaping. For a taste of the vaping experience you can find K.I.N.D. Nectar and K.I.N.D. Sweet Karts in select dispensaries.   
  3. Dabbing – many people use distillate using dab rigs. These take some explanation if you’re not familiar, but they’re very popular.
  4. Cooking – add your distillate to anything you’re cooking to get all the benefits without any of the potentially confusing or complex other methods listed here, or as a special treat.
  5. Sublingually (tincture) – THC distillate tinctures are very common. The sublingual delivery method delivers the purity and potency of the distillate to the body very quickly.

Where to buy THC distillate

It’s worth underlining again that while THC distillate in general is pure and potent, the quality of the original plant material and the distillation process used means there can be a wide variation in the quality of individual distillates available on the market.

For example, you’ll know that anything in the world of K.I.N.D. has been made from All-American, natural and organic-grown cannabis plants and extracted using K.I.N.D.’s proprietary process.

But if you’re not sure of the brand, it is always worth checking the label to make sure you can do what you want to do and get the effect you want from your THC distillate.

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