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What is CBD Oil & How Does it Relieve Chronic Pain?

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD Oil, is a medical marijuana product. Cannabis is an industrial hemp that contains a natural ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can be extracted from the hemp. Technically, then, the product is not marijuana.
CBD has no psychoactive effects, is generally legal around the world and has vast medical application potential.

What is medical cannabis oil?

In medical terms, CBD is the most critical Cannabis ingredient. The oil can be used to help patients achieve optimal relaxation during phases of recovery, therapy or pain. The oil has strong antioxidant properties, helping to reduce inflammation in patients.
Currently, the oil is most often used to treat mild, chronic pain. The treatment is easy and serves as a catalyst for improved health.

How do I know if I have chronic pain?

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Chronic pain is characterized by agony that endures for more than 12 weeks. Sometimes the pain arises from an injury or accident, but sometimes the cause is unknown. If left untreated, pain generally worsens. The body tries to compensate in other areas, eventually wearing down on the system as a whole and making a patient weak.
As the body weakens due to pain, patients experience fatigue, poor sleep, and decreased appetite.

How do I treat chronic pain?

Many patients turn to painkillers and sleep aids to treat chronic pain. For many, these attempts do not sufficiently dissolve the pain.
Many chronic pain patients are turning to CBD oil to aid in pain relief.

How does CBD oil relieve chronic pain?

CBD has anti-inflammatory and relaxation properties that allow patients to experience less pain and a more conducive anatomical environment in which the body can begin to heal.

Here are the most common CBD property benefits:

  • Anti-inflammation

    Inflammation is one of the biggest sources of chronic pain, discomfort and poor health. When left untreated, chronic inflammation results in pain and begins to wear on body tissue. CBD oil works to reduce inflammation, softening pain temporarily and giving the body a chance to regenerate and heal. Unlike painkillers, CBD oil does not affect the liver, kidney or stomach.

  • Relaxation

    By reducing inflammation, the body’s muscles can relax. With relaxed muscles, patients can practice exercise like yoga or swimming. If the patient works too hard while the body is working to combat inflammation, it can cause more internal damage. By relaxing muscles, the patient not only feels better, but can also work to heal the areas experiencing chronic pain.

  • Sleep Assistance

    When the body experiences inflammation, it is constantly at work to try and solve a problem. This puts the body in a constant state of danger, releasing potent chemicals in the body that make relaxing difficult. At night, it can be extremely difficult to encourage the body to fall asleep, as it believes it is in a state of alarm and panic. As a neuroprotective agent, CBD helps patients come out of the state of fear and get a long, overdue sleep.

  • Depression Combat

    Putting the body in a constant state of alarm can lead to energy depletion and depression. CBD relieves pain so that the body can relax, quieting the emergency alarms and allowing the body to be more energy efficient. The boost in energy is incremental in lifting mood and resolving depression.

To learn more about the best CBD oil for pain and how to use CBD vape oil, reach out to our team at K.I.N.D. We strive to keep the cannabis community informed, educated and well-supplied with the finest marijuana products.

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