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What Is the Future of Medical Marijuana

The future of medical marijuana and the marijuana dispensary industry have been thoroughly disrupted over the last year. With half of the country’s states opting to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes and some approving its use recreationally, the cannabis climate is on the rise.
So, what does this mean for future of marijuana? How will the industry change? Will it shape us or will consumers and crafters shape it?
Today, we look at some of the biggest predictions for the industry, including a particularly curious new product: time-release cannabis pills. Beyond product range, we should see great growth and many developments in Arizona’s medical marijuana industry. Here are some of the experts’ top predictions.

2017 Medical Marijuana Predictions:

Emerging Investment Categories

As cultivating cannabis becomes legal, more widespread and readily adopted, the growing industry will require improved and innovative infrastructure. Areas of the business we see grow will include equipment, software, sales, stocks, entertainment, nutrient growth, production, media and product diversification. As these market segments emerge, investment in the industry will become more attractive, too.

Political Gateway

Marijuana will continue to influence political positions, campaigns and public politician perception. The legalization of recreation and medicinal marijuana will become a fixed pillar of contention or support. Reasons for and against the crop’s legalization are many; the conversations around the reasons will thicken, heighten and become increasingly commonplace.
With the cannabis market’s incremental potential, partnerships will continue to become common. Both sides of the partnerships must mind their relations. Consumer brands partnering with marijuana growers will need to stay cautious of PR reflections and requirements. Right now, a stereotype still looms over the marijuana market; in the coming year, the stigma will loosen, making partnerships more competitive and more exciting.

Diversification of Market Players

In 2017, many experts predict seeing a variety of demographics entering the cannabis market. As normalization of the good increases, doors open opportunities to more people. As more players enter the market, we can plan to see a wider range of products, consumers, and growing techniques.

Competition and Intensity

With all real growth comes some downfalls. Some experts fear that as the market gets more concentrated, the industry will operate more systematically and competitively. The rigidity could induce a colder environment, which is far from the warm, loving nature that first inspired the community to grow and campaign for legalization. Stay ahead of the curve with K.I.N.D.
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