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Why Blue Dream disposable THC vape pens are the way to go

Sometimes the name of a marijuana strain is difficult to pick apart. But the Blue Dream weed strain has one main connotation – one that will be overwhelmingly clear to you the moment you get a sniff of this incredibly popular (and potent) strain of cannabis.

Blueberries. Blueberries. Blueberries. There are many reasons why this strain has become such a go-to choice for people seeking a buzzy kind of mental effect – something that provides a serious mood uplift and activity-tackling capability – eventually followed by a soothing sense of relaxation. But you can see three of them right there.

The incredible, now-legendary flavor and aroma of this strain are reminiscent of nothing so much as a handful of freshly picked blueberries.


What strain is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain can likely be traced back to somewhere in California, where some enterprising grower first crossed the Haze and Blueberry strains to create some delightfully tasty offspring.

Yet the strain’s exact origins have been lost to time. This leads some people to slightly artfully say it was “conceived in a dream”. If the flavor was one little bit less impressive, or the effects one whit less potent, this would be pretty flowery language to be using. But Blue Dream is so widely well-received that it’s probably something you can just about get away with!

The Blue Dream strain is most certainly a hybrid. It’s weighted slightly in favor of sativa (about 60-40) – something you can certainly tell by the uplifting, energizing effects that you will experience when you first inhale this potent strain.

However, that missing origin means you can come across a wide range of different phenotypes, all purporting to be “Blue Dream”. So, while it is pretty unusual, it’s not impossible that you might come across a “Blue Dream” strain that behaves a little more like an indica than the one described here.

Since the strain’s initial burst of popularity, one particular cannabis grower has been working hard to standardize the range of phenotypes available, the result of which is the narrower variety of higher quality options on the market today.


Blue Dream strain info – the effects and experience

One of the most remarkable things about Blue Dream THC vape carts and disposable pens (as well as the plant itself) is that it produces a range of effects in users that change over the duration of the experience.

Most people will first notice an immediate head-high, a rush that keeps your thoughts firing and can boost your creativity as well as your willingness to take on whatever tasks you need to do today. Following the slight wearing off of that rush, most users will notice a powerful sense of calming, hazy relaxation.

That initial cerebral rush does mean that this strain is probably not ideal for anyone who tends to have racing thoughts and the like. Especially given the potency of this strain, you probably won’t want to let any natural proclivities in this area be enhanced by Blue Dream’s effects.

Overall, the effect of Blue Dream might be said to the opposite of its name. There’s no couch-lock effect here – certainly not to begin with. Instead, you’ll notice an energizing creativity and enhanced motivation levels that come alongside a welcome mood boost. You could almost say that this is a strain that will kick you out of any “blue dream” you might be stuck in.


How potent is Blue Dream?

Because there is a wide range of different phenotypes of Blue dream out there, when you’re buying a Blue Dream disposable vape pen, THC oil cartridges, or simply plant material of this strain to build into your next joint, it’s even more important than usual to check the label.

Blue Dream can be a very, very potent strain of marijuana. The highest tested level of any sample of this strain is roughly 25%. That’s very powerful. Yet it’s not guaranteed that any given phenotype will reach that level.

It’s probably more accurate to say that Blue Dream can be anywhere from 17-24% in terms of THC levels. That’s still very potent, to be sure. But it’s not as guaranteed a potency as some other marijuana strains.

This very much depends on the grower and the brand though. If you were to examine the label of your K.I.N.D. Resin disposable THC vape pen, for instance, you would find that the plant the oil inside came from was grown using organic natural farming processes in American soil and extracted using a proprietary process that left no solvents behind. Not everything you find will be able to say the same.


The flavor and aroma of the Blue Dream cannabis strain

Though the effects are highly regarded, it’s the flavor and aroma of the Blue Dream strain that have given it its current fame.

The strain has that classic earthiness of cannabis, of course. But over and above that, the sweet, sugary notes of blueberry are noticeable right from the start, both when you exhale and indeed in the air anywhere you’ve decided to enjoy some of your Blue Dream.

If you’ve got a good sense of smell, under that you’ll also notice a little note of something citrus, a little of something flowery. But your general sense of the aroma will remain that incredible sugary, fresh berry scent.

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Why choose a disposable vape pen for your THC intake?

Being such a great strain for daytime use, you’ll often be wanting to get your Blue Dream on during hours when taking the time to roll up a joint or some other method of getting it might be too time consuming or awkward.

A disposable vape pen has a range of advantages in this kind of situation. Firstly, it’s convenient. All you do is press and inhale. Plus, there’s not even any danger of forgetting to charge your vape or running out the door with a nearly empty cartridge, because a disposable comes pre-charged and pre-loaded.

There’s also the big advantage that you can take an easily repeatable dose. With a vape like this, you always know how much you’re taking. That’s good for something as potent as Blue Dream. Finally, if you’re trying Blue Dream in a social situation or in the outdoors – or you simply want to experiment with this strain for the first time – a disposable vape is the ideal way to do it.

All in all, the Blue Dream and disposable vape pen combination is a winner. If you’re looking for an energizing, cerebral strain for daytime use, something that will help you get on with tasks and get past creative blocks, Blue Dream is well worth considering.

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