Why take your disposable THC vape pen when camping

Cannabis and camping are an amazing combination. Being out under the stars, surrounded by magnificent landscapes, a slightly less comfortable night on harder ground. They are all improved by cannabis!

The classic “joint” or “cannabis cigarette” is the way that people traditionally combined being in nature with the cannabis experience.

But recent advances in technology mean that soggy skins, desperately trying to find some shelter so you can relight, and running out of roach material are things of the past.

Today, disposable cannabis oil pens are the way many people bring their marijuana with them when they go hiking or camping.


Why a disposable cannabis vape pen can be your best tool

There are several important reasons why a disposable vape pen full of THC is rapidly becoming a more popular alternative to taking a joint or some other way of enjoying marijuana with you when you go hiking or camping:

1) Weather is no object

Anyone who has tried mixing camping and cannabis before will know that it can add something to the experience when you’re struggling to roll and smoke a joint with even a mild breeze or moderately bad weather.

Unfortunately, the thing it normally adds is wasted materials and some frustrated laughter! Even in the worst weather though, your disposable vape can always be used without difficulty.


2) Still provides the pass and share experience

Unlike alternatives like a tincture or edibles, a disposable vape pen still offers a very similar experience to the communal sharing of a joint.

This is a key part of the experience for many people who enjoy being in nature when experiencing cannabis. It’s important that a disposable vape still provides it.

3) Choose your strain or flavor

It’s very rare that anyone going camping with the raw materials to construct a joint will take multiple types of cannabis with them.

On the other hand, there is a huge range of disposable THC vape flavors on offer. For example, K.I.N.D. Resin pens come in a number of strain-specific offerings. The world of K.I.N.D. also includes THC pens loaded with exciting fruity flavors that still pack a real punch, Sweet Karts! are your go-to for high potency with amazing flavors

Options like this can be a fun addition to the sharing experience as well as allowing everyone to enjoy their time camping and relaxing in their own favorite way.

4) Convenient and discreet

We’ll talk in a minute about trail etiquette and how important it is not to infringe on the experience of other people who are sharing the outdoors with you.

This is one way that a disposable vape pen is head and shoulders above the very obvious joint in this sort of situation. Most people have become very used to seeing someone use a vape pen in day-to-day life. Using one while camping – or during almost any outdoor activity – is discreet as well as convenient.


5) Ideal for a full range of activities

That range of activities is worth dwelling on. Are you going to a concert? Out for the evening? Almost no matter what you’re up to, using a disposable vape pen is accessible and convenient.


6) They're reliable

The type of premium disposable vape pen you will find in the range of providers like K.I.N.D. are highly durable and reliable.

K.I.N.D.’s are based on CCELL hardware by Jupiter. These are constructed in ISO and GMP compliant facilities (these are the top international quality standards) and developed by an organization at the cutting edge of new portable vaporizer technology.


Using disposable THC vape in the outdoors – best practices

In between digging out your hiking boots, dusting off your tent, finding a good map of the local area, throwing a disposable THC pen in your ruck, and setting off into the great outdoors, it’s important that you don’t neglect the basics of camping and marijuana.

Cannabis might be the ideal addition to most hiking or camping trips. It adds enjoyment and even wonder to the experience. But that doesn’t mean you can just hare off without a care in the world.

It’s important to be safe – both for yourself, for others, and for the natural world around you. It’s also important to be considerate and have good etiquette (both when passing your disposable weed pen around the campfire and when in the outdoors in general). 


Six things to keep in mind when you get into the wilds:

1) Be polite and respectful
The outdoors is big. But on known walking trails – and even sometimes well off the beaten path – you are bound to come across other people. There's nothing wrong with using a little cannabis to boost your camping experience. But, in the same way that you wouldn't chug a hefty swig of beer and belch in the face of a fellow hiker, there's no need to flaunt your use of cannabis. Everyone is out there to relax, enjoy nature, explore, and generally have a good time. It's always a good idea to be polite and respectful of that.
2) Never forget the dangers of fire
One of the major advantages of a disposable marijuana vape pen over smoking something like a joint is that there is no danger of throwing a half-out roach and end onto the dry woodland floor and accidentally starting a fire. If you're having a campfire though, never forget that there is a proper and safe way to build and maintain it. There's nothing cool or fun about being hyper-relaxed, enjoying the mood, maybe drifting off to sleep or into your own little world... and then waking up to the panic of a forgotten campfire running out of control. Don't be an idiot. Learn how to make a fire and protect yourself and the rest of the natural world from it.
3) Know where you're going
Many trails are clearly marked with signs. If you're going off the well-traveled road though, be mindful of the fact it is quite possible to get lost. Take a map that shows the topography or a GPS with you. Remember how far you've gone and watch the scenery for landmarks as well as natural beauty.
4) Always take more water
Even if you're only spending the day walking and then sitting around a campsite, you will almost always find that you need more water than you think you do. Take extra. It only gets lighter through the day as you drink it! If you have any experience with cannabis at all, you may also be aware of the dry mouth (also known as “cotton mouth”) phenomenon. Just because your disposable vape is loaded with a premium THC oil, you aren't likely to be immune to that. Always take extra water. Remember – there isn't going to be a faucet close at hand.
5) Learn the local laws
Depending on where you are outdoors, different rules and laws might be in effect. For instance, National Parks are federal land. This means you can't technically legally use marijuana there even if it's legal in your state. Of course, there are many alcohol consumption laws that we all often see happy hikers and park users regularly gently ignore. But it's important to understand that just because people do it, it doesn't make it legal. Always take the time to find out what the situation is. And even if it is legal, remember to be polite and discreet. There's never a need not to be respectful around other people.
6) Take out what you take in
Never litter. Don't leave a mess behind you. It's the one rule of outdoors etiquette that no hiker or camping fan worth their salt will ever overlook. Scour your campsite the next morning to make sure you haven't left waste or mess behind you. Don't be the fool who everyone thinks of and frowns as they walk past a mess of cigarette butts and plastic defiling the beauty of the trail. Your vape pen might be disposable. But that doesn't mean you should dispose of it anywhere but back at home or in a clearly marked receptacle. All in all, if you're taking your THC vape pen with you when camping, you're in for a treat. There's something about cannabis use that really works with the experience of being outside in the natural world and disposable vapes make that experience easier to access than ever before. Yet there are some best practices to bear in mind if you want to make the experience fun, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.
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