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Why You Need to Take a Disposable THC Vape Pen With You on Your Next Spring Adventure

Because different cannabis products and strains of cannabis produce different effects in their users. Some can give you that ultimate relaxing body-melt, couch-locked feeling.

Yet many others can give you an energetic feel-good buzz. In fact, it’s strongly suspected that “runner’s high” – that feeling you get after running for long distances – is produced by a natural endocannabinoid in your body.

This is why lots of people use cannabis – often in a convenient THC cartridge vape pen – to help them get just a little bit of energy on a challenging hike and enhance their enjoyment of the natural world at the same time.

Cannabis in THC carts and nature – the best of friends

Huge numbers of people in modern life – as well as in different cultures around the world for hundreds of years – have used marijuana to get closer to nature.

In addition to the psychoactive nature of cannabis, this may be because many of the terpenes – organic chemicals responsible for the different flavor and aroma of individual strains of cannabis – can be found elsewhere in nature too. Limonene, for example, can be found in citrus fruit. Pinene is found in pine needles.

Both these and other terpenes found both in cannabis and elsewhere in nature have a wide range of effects on the body in addition to producing pleasing tastes and smells. You might find Limonene and Pinene improve your respiratory function and airflow, for instance.

The combination of healthy benefits ideal for improving your body’s physical performance and psychoactive effects enabling you to appreciate the wonderful natural world you are in has seen cannabis become a positive addition to the trail kits of many outdoor adventure enthusiasts in recent years.

Especially now it’s available in handy THC cartridge pen format, which has all kinds of advantages when you’re out in nature.

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Why a disposable THC vape pen is the best choice for the outdoors

1) Set your dose

Most people who combine outdoor activities like hiking and walking with marijuana like to keep their cannabis consumption to a low level to get all of the benefits of use without experiencing heavier psychoactive effects.

Edibles and tinctures are great. Yet the effects of edibles can take a long time to set in, making them a little unpredictable – is that the right dose to enhance your enjoyment of your walk? You won’t find out for a while. The psychoactive effects of both can also be rather intense and last for an extended period of time.

A THC distillate cartridge can be very potent. But most vapes come with an adjustable dose setting, while disposable weed pens are usually pre-set to a moderate level. This means you can always be sure you’re getting the right level of dose to improve your experience.

If you’re looking for a good dose setting for your vape, a level of 5-10 mg of THC is often suggested as a good place to start from. You can then let that settle in and see how it affects your experience before you dose again.

2) No open flames

Many parts of the US that are the most beautiful – National Parks, states known for their natural beauty – are those that are most prone to fires.

While people can and do smoke cigarettes and joints on forest trails, it’s not the best practice. A vape or THC disposable vape pen keeps everything nice and contained and eliminates the risk of forest fires or accidental ignition of any kind.

3) Ease of use

Anyone who has ever tried to roll up a joint in windy or rainy conditions will know how annoying the experience can be. The same is true of trying to smoke in exposed locations. Constantly re-lighting your cannabis cigarette does not make for the relaxing time most of us are looking for.

Someone using a vape, disposable or reusable, isn’t bothered by wind or rain or dark of night though. Plus, a disposable has the advantage that you don’t need to remember to charge it up – it comes pre-charged and will last as long as you need it to last.

4) No waste to carry

One important rule of being out in nature is that you take out of the forest everything you took in with you. If you’re smoking a joint, for example, this means carrying around the waste with you for the rest of the hike.

There are no problems in this area with a vape. Your vape starts off as one sealed, instant-use package. It ends as one sealed, instant-use package. A used disposable remains as clear and clean. It simply needs to be carried out with you.

5) Variety

These days, THC cartridge flavors are many and varied. This makes it easy to experiment with different options, all of which can be easily carried and come with all of the other benefits listed above.

As well as different cart flavors, you can get strain-specific options like K.I.N.D. Resin disposable THC pens – each of which is loaded with a certain carefully-chosen strain of cannabis. Mixing and matching these lets you try out different strains with ease until you find the perfect option for you.

6) Subtlety and politeness

You don’t need to hide the fact that you’re using cannabis, but there’s no need to throw it in the faces of anyone else you see out on the trail.

Even if they’re the biggest advocate of marijuana too, they might not want your second-hand smoke just then. Equally, it’s rude to force the aroma of your THC oil cartridge on someone who doesn’t like it or use it around children.

Disposable weed pens and the kind of vape that you load with THC cartridges both tend to be subtle in design as well as familiar to people now very acclimatized to people using nicotine vapes. This makes them subtle and easy to be polite with.

Get ready to enjoy your next spring adventure!

With all of this in mind, hopefully you’re now ready and raring to go on your next spring adventure, THC disposable in hand!

Be sure to be respectful of other nature lovers, bring a map with you, take out what you take in, and make sure you hydrate well while you walk.

Then you’re all set to experience the added enjoyment THC vape carts and disposables can bring with them when you’re hiking and walking in the great outdoors.

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